Mind-Boggling Pic of People Who Made It on to the C-17 Out of Kabul

U.S. plane leaving Kabul airport as people cling to the wheels (Credit: Mortezia Kazemian)

I wrote this morning about the horror at the Kabul airport — with people running along the outside of a U.S. Air Force C-17 Globemaster III, desperate to get away, with some even hanging onto the wheel wells and then some falling after the plane took off, to their death.


We saw what the desperation looked like on the outside of one of the planes.

But what did it look like on the inside of one of the C-17s taking off? Normally, it might take 150 fully geared-up members of the U.S. military. But today it may have set a record, according to Defense One. Many more vetted panicked Afghans piled onto the plane than the military had thought they would be taking, but they didn’t want to turn anyone away, given what was going on, so they just took as many as they could.

I showed you this video this morning of what it looked like on one of the planes loading up, but it didn’t give you a full sense of how many people.

Here, now, is what it looked like on the inside of the C-17 with the call sign Reach 871.

I’m not sure you could have gotten any more people on that plane unless you hung them from the ceiling. That’s an incredible number.

Initially, they thought it was even 800 people as you can hear over the communications on the way from Kabul to Qatar.

It turned out there were actually 640. According to Defense One, it’s believed to be one of the largest number of people ever taken on such a flight. The flight was just one of several that took off with hundreds of people. So that indicates more have gotten out than the “few hundred” that Fox said earlier today, a positive upgrade. The plane belongs to the 436th Air Wing, based at Dover Air Force Base in Delaware so we have to give them props for doing what they could under very trying circumstances to get people out.


The military has been forced to make up for the lack of preparation or a plan from the Biden people but they’re obviously doing their best to help out. But they shouldn’t have been put in this position, to begin with, there should have been a planned orderly withdrawal months ago of these folks.


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