Bungling Biden Finally Forced to Say Something on Afghanistan

In the wake of the disaster that is unfolding in Afghanistan, with our planes having to flee under pressure from the Taliban and desperate Afghans, one of the most disgraceful things has been the lack of a response by Joe Biden and his team.


Basically, they were all AWOL, as we reported.

Biden couldn’t be bothered to respond yesterday when the Taliban took over the country after our being at war there for twenty years. He’s on his vacation so obviously, that’s more important than doing his job. But the White House did tweet out a picture of him allegedly talking with his national security team about the “security situation” which may have exposed CIA operatives. And talk about an Orwellian word for the takeover.

Meanwhile, Jen Psaki is on vacation for a week, starting yesterday. How convenient is that to escape having to respond to any questions?

Kamala Harris has been radio silent as well. What she tweeted over the past day says everything about her mindset.

But now all the criticism and outrage may finally have awakened Joe Biden from his nap because they just made a sudden change to his schedule.

The reports are that he’s heading back to the White House and will be addressing that nation at 3:45 p.m. today.

So, odds on what he will say? If it follows more along his line of the written statement that was released on Saturday, he’s going to try to blame President Donald Trump. But Trump isn’t in office. Trump isn’t the guy who didn’t listen to his own intel people on what was happening. Trump isn’t the one who failed to get the allies out in time. Trump isn’t the one who was behind this enormous mess. Trump wouldn’t have told American citizens to not go to the airport, but fill out a form online if they needed to be rescued (yes, Biden did that).


Trump destroyed ISIS and brought peace deals to the Middle East. It never would have been the mess that it is now.

If Biden tries to go there, it’s not going to go over well with Americans and will be seen as a naked attempt to shift the blame from his own failures.


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