Rebekah Jones' Effort to Spread Nonsense Against DeSantis' Press Sec Crashes and Burns

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If we covered BlueAnon conspiracies and fantasies, we could have a very active job just doing that, there are so many of them.

But I wanted to touch on one that was being pushed today, because it’s just emblematic of the lies being spread out there by folks on the left trying to attack Gov. Ron DeSantis. It involves Rebekah Jones, the woman who alleged all kinds of ridiculous nonsense about the COVID data.


Rebekah Jones was angry at DeSantis and his press secretary, Christina Pushaw, for busting her claims.

So, she filed for a groundless restraining order against Pushaw in Maryland, and then before that was reviewed by the courts, filed a second claim, saying that the first order had been violated, according to Charles Cooke at National Review.

Because the grounds for the original order were utterly ridiculous, the court dismissed it for lack of evidence, but, for long and boring bureaucratic reasons, it didn’t dismiss the secondary claim — even though that claim had been rendered moot by the dismissal of the order on which it was based (and was set to drop off the docket the moment it was addressed). Aware that most people wouldn’t understand the minute details of all this, Rebekah Jones then spent months pretending that there was an open criminal charge against Pushaw — which, of course, there was not.

This morning, the District Court of Maryland nixed the secondary case — just as it was always going to — on the obvious grounds that Pushaw cannot have violated a restraining order that had been dismissed for lack of evidence (and, as it turns out, that she hadn’t even seen).


But Jones wasn’t done trying to get back at Pushaw.

This morning, blogger Grant Stern wrote a story claiming that Pushaw faced criminal charges over the claims and was making a deal with state’s attorney for deferred prosecution. He said that he’d been told this by Jones. But the story was, of course, completely false.

As Lauren DeMarco, the director of public affairs for the Montgomery County State’s Attorneys Office confirmed to Charles Cooke. DeMarco told him that none of those claims were true.

I asked DeMarco whether Christina Pushaw had been accused by the state of Maryland of “criminally violating a Maryland court order” of any type. DeMarco confirmed that Christina Pushaw had not. I asked DeMarco whether the state of Maryland had filed any “criminal charges” against Christina Pushaw. DeMarco confirmed that it had not. I asked whether Christina Pushaw had entered into a “plea deal” or “deferred prosecution” agreement with the State of Maryland. DeMarco confirmed that she had not.

Stern just took what Jones said and ran with it, without determining the actual facts.

But Pushaw had the last word.



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