Texas Supreme Court Wipes the Smile off Runaway Dems' Faces With Latest Order

AP Photo/Eric Gay

In the last installment of the saga of the runaway Texas Democrats, Gene Wu was crowing about securing an order in Harris County preventing him from being arrested and dragged back to the House so that they could have a quorum, despite the arrest warrants being signed and the House Sergeant at Arms serving them at the offices of the legislators.


From Reuters:

“I was the crash test dummy,” Wu told Reuters from the Houston courthouse on Thursday, where he was helping file applications for the same type of writ for 44 other Democratic lawmakers.

Wu said the writs were temporary, pending the court’s review of whether it has jurisdiction to block the arrests. Wu said the Democrats had “more cards up our sleeves” if the defense strategy failed, but declined to provide further details.

Take out “crash test” and he’d be right. As we noted, the law wasn’t on the side of the Democrats.

Wu’s crowing didn’t last long, as Gov. Greg Abbott announced.

The Texas Supreme Court ruled to stay those orders from Harris County district court.

“The Dems have filed some of the most embarrassing lawsuits ever seen,” Gov. Greg Abbott tweeted. “Time for them to get to the Capitol and do the job they were elected to do.”

That means that, once again, the option for arrest is on. So look forward to the perp walks; those may be next. The Texas Supreme Court has temporarily blocked enforcement of the order, as requested by the Texas attorney general’s office. The Democrats have until Monday morning to file a response with the Court.


From Austin American-Statesman:

Enrique Marquez, spokesman for Phelan, said state law enforcement officers were deputized by the House sergeant-at-arms Thursday to “assist in the House’s efforts to compel a quorum.”

“That process will begin in earnest immediately,” he said in a statement.

Meanwhile, as I wrote this morning, the Democrats proved how hypocritical they have been about the filibuster in the U.S. Senate, arguing that was racist and should go away, yet last night, Texas state senator Carol Alvarado filibustered the election security bill in the Texas state Senate. She failed, giving up after 15 hours, and the bill passed in the Senate. But obviously, all the drama is still in the House and that has not been resolved yet, the bill has not passed in the House, although it’s only a matter of time.



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