Looks Like Texas Democrats’ Stupid Political Ploy Was a Gigantic Waste of Time

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Well, it appears that the Texas Democratic lawmakers who decided to fight against a voting law by fleeing the state for a taxpayer-funded vacation in Washington, D.C. are in for a rude awakening. The state Senate on Thursday voted to advance the bill in an 18-11 vote.


The state senate passed after Democratic Sen. Carol Alvarado engaged in a 15-hour long filibuster in a futile attempt to delay the vote. According to the National Review Texas rules prevent lawmakers from “sitting down, leaning on [their] desk, taking a bathroom break or speaking about subjects unrelated to the bill.”

Hopefully, she wore a decent diaper.

The filibuster attempt came after Texas House Speaker Dade Phelan signed arrest warrants for the 52 wayward lawmakers who refused to come back to the legislature during the second special session. Their absence means that the House fell short of the number it needed to have a quorum. Preventing quorum was the reason why the Democrats fled in the first place.

The group’s original plan was to leave the state so that quorum could not be achieved and wait out the process. They hoped that remaining in D.C. until the first special session was concluded, they could stop the passage of the bill.

The lawmakers spent their vacation in D.C. supposedly lobbying for voting rights and promoting the “For the People Act,” which is a Democratic plot to essentially federalize elections and give states little to no control over the process. They also made the unfortunate decision to sing “We Shall Overcome” on the steps of the U.S. Capitol building in what was one of the worst renditions of any song ever performed since the beginning of time.

Nevertheless, their gambit proved to be an utter failure. Indeed, it became apparent that it was doomed when Gov. Greg Abbott announced that he would continue holding special sessions until the bill was considered. There was only so much time that these individuals could stay away from home. Their constituents were bound to lose their patience at some point.


Moreover, like their comrades in the Democratic Party, the lawmakers were not fooling anyone with their moral preening about Jim Crow 2.0 and the supposed disenfranchisement of black voters who would somehow be unable to cast their votes after the law passes. Just as they failed to convince the public that black people are too inept to obtain proper identification, they are not conning anyone into believing that Bull Connor is going to come back from the dead and prevent African Americans from participating in the electoral process.

Still, it is worth noting that even after the law passes in the House – which it undoubtedly will – the Democrats are not finished fighting the battle to ensure that they control elections at the federal level. If they manage to succeed, the law that Texas Republicans worked so hard to pass will be moot.




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