Texas Dems Just Shot All Kinds of Holes Through Arguments Against the Filibuster

Ah, Democrats.

If they didn’t have double standards, they’d have no standards at all.

We’ve heard now (for how many months?) from the Democrats that the U.S. Senate filibuster was racist, a remnant of Jim Crow. Now, of course, that was nonsense, there isn’t anything racist at all about it. But if Democrats wanted to make that argument, they should look to the fact that they used that “racist” filibuster 327 times last year to try to get their own way. Just a little hypocrisy there.


Now we have another example of this hypocrisy with what the Texas Democrats are doing. They ran away to Washington, D.C. to appeal to their brethren there because they knew they were going to lose the vote on the election integrity bill, made a big performance art statement and argue to get rid of the filibuster in the U.S. Senate to “save democracy.”

But guess what they’re doing now back in Texas as the options are running out? You guessed it — a Democratic Texas senator is filibustering the election integrity bill in the Senate, according to The Texas Tribune.

Sen. Carol Alvarado has been filibustering since 5:50 p.m. on Wednesday.

“I’m using what I have at my disposal in the Senate,” Alvarado told The Texas Tribune. “The filibuster isn’t going to stop it, but a filibuster is also used to put the brakes on an issue — to call attention to what is at stake — and that is what I am doing.”


Oh. So you mean a filibuster isn’t racist when it’s helpful to the minority and your cause even though your House Democrats are in D.C arguing against the Senate filibuster? Good to know. The hypocrisy can really make my head spin. but she just showed the importance of the filibuster and how it provides the minority with a voice. That’s what the Democrats want to shut down in D.C.

But hey, Alvarado is a hero, she even posted her running shoes, a la Wendy Davis, who tried this trick infamously in the past before sinking into obscurity.

As we previously noted, while Democrats have falsely argued that this is about “voting rights,” they haven’t been able to name one person who will be denied the right to vote by the election integrity bill.

From Texas Tribune:

“We’re talking about [it being] easy to vote, hard to cheat, and that’s what this bill is about,” state Sen. Bryan Hughes, the Mineola Republican who authored the legislation, said earlier in the day when the Senate gave initial approval to SB 1 on a 18-11 party-line vote. “It cracks down on those vote harvesters, those paid political operatives who try to coerce voters, who try to mislead voters, who try to get in between the voter and her ballot. We will not have that in Texas.”



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