Squad-Endorsed Candidate Goes Down to Defeat but Delivers Clinton/Abrams-Like 'Concession Speech'

Ah, I love the smell of radical leftist Democrats in disarray. Many of them are disturbed today because of the loss of Nina Turner in the Ohio special election.


Turner is a nationally known, far-left, defund the police candidate, surrogate for Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT), former Ohio state senator, with almost half a million followers and lots of support from well-known leftists like the Squad.

But she lost to a better, less radical candidate with only about twenty thousand followers on Twitter in the Democratic primary. One more example that Twitter is not real life and that radical politics are rejected by most people.

Turner, who likely thought she had it locked, was not at all happy with the upset. While she did concede, she did not do so graciously. Channeling Hillary Clinton (who supported her opponent) and Stacey Abrams, she claimed that she hadn’t really lost.

“I am going to work hard to ensure that something like this doesn’t happen to another progressive candidate again,” Turner said. “We didn’t lose this race; evil money manipulated and maligned this election.”


Well, if “evil money manipulated” the election, most of it seems to have come in for Turner.

From Cleveland:

Brown, who started off slow in fundraising, has seen a significant increase, posting $1.3 million in her latest Federal Elections Commission filing covering donations from April 1 through July 14. That brings her total raised throughout the race to just more than $2 million. Turner, meanwhile, continued to dominate fundraising, posting $2.3 million for the latest period and $4.5 million overall. The two significantly outraised the other 11 Democrats in the race.

Apparently, it’s only evil when it comes in for her opponent, the money from the outside that poured in for her was just so pure. She had every advantage and still, she lost and is throwing a tantrum. So where’s the move from Twitter to censor her for questioning the election? Somehow that seems missing here.

But Turner’s loss is still leaving folks on the radical left furious, even hours after the call.



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