Democrats Decide to Not Even Try to Follow Their Own Mask Edicts

AP Photo/Jose Luis Magana

Some days ago, the CDC moved to reinstate masking requirements, including for vaccinated individuals. The next shoe to drop would be various, deep blue bastions, from Congress to Democrat-led cities, taking up that mantle and reimposing mandates.


Nancy Pelosi led the charge by ordering the Capitol Police to arrest any non-Congressional member (only because that would be unconstitutional) not wearing a mask in the halls of the House. Because nothing really matters, though, she promptly broke her own edict.

Pelosi wasn’t done, though. She then broke it again on the House floor.

But wait, there’s more. She broke it yet again, as members gathered to fret about their failure to pass a new eviction moratorium.

There are two possibilities here. Either the virus becomes dormant the moment Pelosi decides she wants to forgo her mask or this is all pointless theater. I’ll let you decide which one is more likely. Actually, I won’t. This is indeed all pointless theater. Pelosi knows that the new mandate is not based on scientific reality. She knows nearly everyone in the building is vaccinated and that the few that aren’t have almost certainly had COVID and enjoy natural immunity. Yet, she’s doing this anyway because she knows she’s going to get shellacked and retire in 2022. Every bridge is being burned on her way out the door to spite Republicans.


Regardless, Pelosi isn’t the only person in Washington spitting on their own mandates. D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser recently published a plea for people to mask up in her city. She also instituted a new mask mandate beginning yesterday. Well, now we know why she set it to start two days after the initial announcement.

Apparently, Bowser believes the virus goes dormant the moment Dave Chappelle begins telling jokes. Thus, she could postpone her new mask mandate just long enough to ensure she got some good pictures with the famous comedian without an ugly piece of cloth on her face.

You see, the royals don’t have to follow their own rules. You, on the other hand, must obey or risk being an anti-science murderer who wants to infect other people. Are you beginning to see how this all works?

Conversely, you could just tell these people to go jump in a lake. That’s probably the best option.


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