Ted Cruz Rips Apart CDC Flip-Flops, Vaccine Passports, and the 'Virtue Signal of Submissiveness' of Masks

The CDC just did a huge flip flop on mask guidance after telling us in May that if we were vaccinated, we could dispense with the masks generally. Now they are advising that even if you are vaccinated, you should still be wearing masks indoors in most of the country.


On top of it, as we reported, while they claimed “new data” for their decision and blamed the Delta variant, they didn’t show their work or put forth the data that would explain this change.

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) took on those flip-flops on the floor of the Senate yesterday as he presented an amendment that would prohibit U.S. participation in the creation of a vaccine passport.

I think the decision yesterday by the CDC to reverse its guidance and mandate masks for vaccinated people is the kind of decision that is infuriating people across this country. I believe the CDC’s decision yesterday was politics. It wasn’t science. It was a decision that somehow pretends vaccines don’t work.

“The CDC, months ago, rightly concluded that vaccinated people don’t need to wear masks because the whole purpose of a vaccine is to not get the disease. That decision was right. The science hasn’t changed. The only thing that has changed is the politics. A year and a half ago, the CDC was one of if not the most respected scientific and medical organization in the country. Today, the credibility of the CDC is in tatters because leadership of the CDC has been willing to allow science to become politicized.


Cruz ripped apart the Fauci flip-flopping all over the place, saying things like that did enormous damage to Americans believing what they have to say.

Cruz pointed out that the CDC recommendation to require masks in K-12 schools was because the teachers’ unions wanted it, that there was no greater scientific “discovery that mandates this new edict,” but that was a political decision. Indeed, as he said, the incidence in children is very, very low. Acceding to the teachers’ union is “not what the Center for Disease Control should be doing,” Cruz exclaimed.

As we reported yesterday, the CDC Director, Rochelle Walensky, basically admitted that there was no evidence to support that the Delta variant was making kids any sicker.

While Cruz said we should take serious steps to combat the virus, he said we’d seen “stupid policies” and lockdowns that have “shut down small businesses, destroyed restaurants, destroyed bars, destroyed generational businesses” with “schools shut down, tens of millions of children sent home for over a year, children who are falling behind academically.” He noted the children being hurt were disproportionately lower-income kids. The shutdowns of schools were “utterly unjustifiable,” he said.

“My view there should be no mandates, no mask mandates, no vaccine mandates, and no vaccine passports,” Cruz said. While he said he was vaccinated, he said he believed it was a personal choice and should not be mandated.


Cruz described a provision in the bill that spoke about the repression of foreign governments or violation of human rights, that you could “delete the word ‘foreign'” because such things were in fact happening here as well including quashing “public dissent” as we saw when the Wuhan lab leak theory was shut down by Facebook and people were not allowed to talk about it. But when the government was forced to admit that it may have been, and may have been related to gain of function paid by us, then suddenly we were allowed to talk about it again.

“When the CDC puts out this rule [that] even if you’ve been vaccinated you’ve got to put a mask on, it is the Biden administration that is telling people vaccines don’t work. I actually understand vaccines do work, which is why that is an arbitrary rule to require people [that] have been vaccinated to put a mask on. By the way, we see the kabuki theater here. Everyone here has been vaccinated. As soon as the CDC said that, we saw Democrats putting on masks, not because the vaccine suddenly stopped working yesterday, but it was working two days ago. Nope. Because now it is a virtue signal of submissiveness to wear a mask.”

That’s really the bottom line. Americans no longer believe the Biden folks or Fauci, given how they keep flip-flopping. If they want to blame anyone for vaccine hesitancy, they need to look in the mirror. I reported on Biden’s flip-flopping yesterday and asked how can you believe anything they say after all that. But then, even yesterday, Joe Biden was visiting Allentown, PA, hugging and meeting with people, all crushed in together, virtually no one wearing masks.


So why are we supposed to still believe their nonsense?


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