Get Ready for the Whiplash With What CDC Director Says About 'Two Weeks'

Here we go all over again.

The CDC has flipped and is once again recommending that people go back to wearing masks, even if fully vaccinated, in areas where the Delta variant is “surging” (which they are defining as most of the country). As my colleague Kate Paul Dillon wrote earlier, CDC Director Rochelle Walensky claimed data showed some vaccinated people could be infected with the Delta variant and spread it to others, but didn’t show her work as to that data.


Walensky was making the round on the shows and it was like a throwback to last year in what they were trying to sell us.

According to the AP, Dr. Walensky told “CBS This Morning” something that may sound awfully familiar.

“We can halt the chain of transmission,” she said. “We can do something if we unify together, if we get people vaccinated who are not yet vaccinated, if we mask in the interim, we can halt this in just a matter of a couple of weeks.”

Oh, my, suddenly, we’re back to “15 days to slow the spread” more than a year later. We were told that 16 months ago. How did that work out when we acceded to that before? Wasn’t getting vaccinated supposed to stop this?

Somehow, it seems that when you give government control, they always want to take a little more, and they have a hard time giving it up.

But Walensky also said something else that was pretty troubling when she went on CNN with John Berman — that there isn’t any evidence that the Delta variant makes kids any sicker than the original Wuhan coronavirus. Yet they’re still going to call for masks on everyone in K-12, whatever their vaccination status.

So then where is the science for this? Is any of this truly based on science? You listen to the U.K. stat that John Berman cites, actually asking a real journalism question. It’s one more stat that shows that kids are not hit as hard by the virus. If true, then even if children get it, over 99.9% will survive. So you would subject kids to masking for what reason, if that’s true?


They just told us two weeks ago on July 9 that vaccinated teachers and students didn’t have to wear masks.

We’re being told things, with government wanting to lead us around by the nose without the science or data to support the extreme things that they are proposing. Just when we thought we were getting free of it, they want to throw us back in the barrel again for another spin around. They just can’t seem to give it up. Are you getting whiplash yet? Because that’s surely what it feels like.


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