Psaki Talks Restrictions on Americans and Travel While Refusing to Be Transparent About WH Infections

AP Photo/Evan Vucci

Jen Psaki admitted today that they are in “active discussion” with states about the possibility of reinstating mask mandates because of the rise of the Delta variant.


On top of that, she said that because of the variant, they would be keeping restrictions in place on people who want to travel into the United States, claiming there was a surge among the “unvaccinated.”

That’s infuriating the Europeans who want or need to travel here, and Americans who have family there who are unable to come here.

The White House is taking that position — talking about once again restricting Americans and preventing legal travel into the United States — while not restricting illegal entry at the southern border, and allowing hundreds of thousands of people to pour in and thank Biden for allowing them in.


The logic is insane, as then the folks coming in are released and/or bused all over the country.

Meanwhile, the White House is not mandating that people be vaccinated to work there, although preaching at everyone else. Now, I don’t think they should mandate it. But then don’t act holier-than-thou about it and act as though the unvaccinated are evil when it is everyone’s choice whether they get it or don’t. Stop treating it as some test of morality when it isn’t. Treating people as free people is a test of morality and in that, you’re failing.

Psaki also refused to comment more on who the people are who supposedly tested positive while being vaccinated — the breakthrough cases in the White House that she had previously mentioned. Were they really breakthrough or were they just unvaccinated? And why does she not want to be transparent and provide any information on even how many people that is?


In other words, you don’t have any right to know. It’s the same thing with the folks buying Hunter Biden’s “art.” You don’t have a right to know who they are because why should the Biden people be bothered about transparency. It’s none of your business and they can do what they like. Rules don’t apply to them, only to you. Shut up, you peasants.


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