Kamala's Huge Lie About Border Debunked as Illegal Aliens Thank Biden for Letting Them In

In June, Kamala Harris argued that the Biden/Harris Administration was making “extreme progress” in dealing with the massive influx of illegal aliens at the border.


Not only wasn’t that true, indeed it was actually getting worse, with June becoming the worst month in 21 years and every month under this administration going up for border encounters/detentions at almost 190,000 people. Usually, the encounters go down in the summer and the entries drop because it’s so hot. Instead, it’s been surging.

On top of that, she can’t list one concrete thing that she’s done toward reducing the tide of immigration beyond talk — no actual policy change or action that she believed was going to reduce the influx.

Meanwhile, Fox’s Bill Melugin has been documenting the incredible surge at the border that just completely refutes Kamala Harris’ claim.

One response was truly priceless, because it showed exactly what the problem was here, in very few words.


Thanks to Biden for the opportunity to come here now. Whatever else Biden or Harris say, they know that now is the time to come because Biden will let them in. Even now, these people showing up at the border are coming from all over the world because they know they will get in. They are flying into Mexico and then taking a bus to the border.


Then on the other side, they get into buses and are taken to get processed, then are released. This is pretty crazy; this isn’t border patrol — this is turning the border patrol into social workers and travel agents. According to Melugin, there have been 20,000 this week alone and a million this year.


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