WATCH: Kamala and Joe Get Busted for Their Own 'Misinformation'

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Joe Biden and Jen Psaki have been acting like the federal government has a right to shut down things that they term “misinformation” by pressuring or working with Big Tech to flag things/ban people.


Psaki admitted she was in constant contact with Facebook, flagging people; she argued that people who were banned on one platform should be banned on all platforms. Joe Biden then even accused Facebook of “killing people,” because they allowed “misinformation.” Facebook then tagged Biden back, saying he was trying to deflect from his own failure to meet vaccination goals.

The government doesn’t get to determine what is acceptable speech — that’s why we have a Constitution and a First Amendment. When they do things like this and actually admit to trying to shut down information and people banned, that should concern us all, whatever side of the political aisle we are on. It lends credence to the legal argument that they are effectively making Big Tech a ‘state actor,’ when they are asking it to operate at the behest of the government.

But, of course, the real irony in all this, is that the Biden team are some of the biggest purveyors of misinformation out there. Indeed, last year, it was Kamala Harris and Joe Biden who were spreading misinformation (by their own present standards) with lots of vaccine hesitancy, as this compilation video shows. Check out how crazy Joe looks in it.

Harris said she wouldn’t be taking it if President Donald Trump was behind it. But he was — and she did — so, of course, that was campaign posturing. But she was perfectly willing to attack the vaccine for political reasons, to cast doubt on it before the election. Now, they’re all for it and trying to shut down anyone else’s hesitancy, when that was them last year. How completely political can they be?


So, can we now expect that Kamala Harris and Joe Biden will be banned across all platforms? Their rules.

This, of course, is just a small part of their misinformation. As we previously observed, Jen Psaki constantly spreads misinformation, as she did last year when she tweeted about the Hunter Biden laptop story, claiming that was misinformation. But it was her tweet that was misinformation — and the campaign against the story by the Democrats and Big Tech that was the “misinformation.” It’s the perfect example of how the media shut down something, claiming it was false, and that served the purposes of Joe Biden’s campaign.

I should note one of the people on the hit list of 12 that they’re using is Robert Kennedy Jr, who has been anti-vaccine for decades. A lot of the people who haven’t gotten vaccinated or have vaccine concerns aren’t Republicans or folks on the right, as the Biden team would like to paint it. Just more misinformation.


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