Runaway Texas Dem Shows How Hypocritical He Is With Call for Mask Mandate

We reported previously on the irony that hit the runaway Texas Democrats.

The Democratic lawmakers fled to D.C. to avoid having a quorum to be able to vote on an election security bill in Texas. They’ve been spreading a blatant lie that the bill is denying people voting rights when, in fact, it doesn’t deprive one person of the ability to vote.


But now, three of them have tested positive for the Wuhan coronavirus. This was after they took a bus, then a charter flight to D.C. and had been all around D.C., even meeting with people like Kamala Harris and Joe Manchin. Sounds like they were a super-spreader group. Had they stayed and done their job, they may not have had this result.

One of the people who has emerged as a real jerk in this performative drama is Gene Wu, who represents a district in Houston. He mocked the appearance of a Republican colleague who is on the autism spectrum, plus he also insulted voters while on this jaunt, as we noted.

Now after his colleagues have tested positive for the virus, Wu is arguing for more masking.


First, there never was a national mask mandate, and no, you’re not going to get one now. This guy is so ignorant that he thinks there was one. He doesn’t seem to even understand enough about our governmental system to understand there could not be such a national mandate.

There was a Biden edict in place that people have to wear masks on public transportation, including flights, which this guy and his mates didn’t do on their charter flight to D.C. So, he wants to impose masks on people — when he and his brethren blew off the rule which had been in place. It’s not happening, Gene. If you actually thought the masks were valuable you would have worn them, but you didn’t.


But, it sure takes a lot of gall for him to go there. They support masks on people and then don’t wear them themselves. They support avoiding a vote by running away from it, while trying to do away with the filibuster in the Senate in D.C. They claim they are trying to defend voting rights while actually obstructing them. It’s just another example of their hypocrisy.


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