Dem Trips All Over Herself When She Makes Astonishing Claim About Right to Vote

AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite

We’ve been talking about the drama llama tantrums being thrown by the Texas Democrats, trying to recast their efforts against election security bills as fighting for “voting rights.” Yet, no one who can legally vote is being denied that right to vote. It’s the same thing the Democrats are doing and lying about on a national scale with their efforts to pass their voting bills. It isn’t about voting rights, it’s about eliminating security for those votes.

Not everyone is reading the bills, so some people are taken in by this lie and the media is complicit in largely refusing to report the truth.

But sometimes Democratic overreach does them in, such as the effort that Rep. Joyce Beatty (D-OH) and other Democrats were involved in at the Capitol in the Senate building yesterday. They were ‘storming’ the Capitol for ‘voting rights,’ calling for people to ‘fight.’

Wait, didn’t they cite to the President Donald Trump calling for people to “fight” as part of the rationale for impeachment? Yes, they did.

But Pelosi is just cool and endorsing “fighting” for a cause that doesn’t actually exist.

But Beatty really went over the slide into fantasy land, in a way that finally made the lies just too obvious for any fair-minded person to ignore.

Um, Rep. Beatty? Black women have had the right to vote for a very long time. This is just departure from reality. No one anywhere in the country is preventing people from voting because of their race. Please point to one place where black women are denied the vote? You can’t. When you suggest they are, it’s a shameful lie. It’s also a shameful negation of what real civil rights activists did to get us to that point, years ago.

People called it out.

But Beatty got hoisted with her own petard when people pointed out her past tweets. For someone who isn’t allowed to vote, she surely has voted a lot!

So she’s fighting for a “right” that she already has and everyone knows it. Which makes it very obvious it’s not about rights, it’s about the Democrats not wanting election security. Americans don’t have an issue with voter ID, why do Democrats? It’s racist to suggest that if you’re black, you can’t get an ID. It’s ignorant beyond words that we have Kamala Harris thinking that people in rural America aren’t able to get an ID or can’t figure out how to copy it. Sorry, but being against ballot harvesting by Democrats and wanting voter ID on a mail-in ballot is not Selma, and it’s disgraceful to play these games as if it is.