Biden Presser Was a Complete Mess but the Incoherent Policies Were Even Worse

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Joe “Grandpa Disaster” Biden was at it again today during his briefing with German Chancellor Angela Merkel at the White House today.

Biden definitely seemed to be having a hard time with basic coherence.


In his homage to her years of service, he mistakenly called her the “second largest” but then corrected that to the “second longest” serving chancellor. Largest and longest are both good words, but hardly interchangeable and certainly not the best word to use here when referring to Merkel.

He then said that they needed to “upend” their “global climate ambitions.”

Biden then complained that reporters were asking more than two questions. I’ve never seen only two questions for a press conference of that nature from two leaders. There are always a lot of questions. Except apparently when it’s past Joe’s nap time and he wants out of there.

But even though he thought he was supposed to get only a couple of questions, he apparently had a list of people on which to call.


In a mish-mash of a sentence, then Biden seemed to confuse the G7 and NATO.

What the heck is he even saying here? $3700 every month for his child tax credit proposal?

He seems to mean $3700 divided over the 12 months but he appears unable to figure out how to say that clearly.

What must these world leaders like Merkel think when he’s incoherent like this? We saw how embarrassing this was at the G7 but now he’s just driving that home to her once again.

But even more than the general daily incoherence is the incoherence in policy, putting forth policy that is not in the best interests of the United States. That was in evidence, too, over two big big bones of contention during the meeting with Merkel.


“While I reiterated my concerns about the Nord Stream 2, Chancellor Merkel and I are absolutely united in our conviction that Russia must not be allowed to use energy as a weapon to coerce or threaten its neighbors,” Biden said at the presser. Yet, when he waived sanctions on the project, he gave Russia the power to do exactly that. Now they have a greater foothold they can use over Germany and the EU to create a wedge, bypassing Ukraine in the energy transit. So he can express all the concerns after the fact that he wants, but he helped make this situation possible and empowered Russia even more. Talk about a “Putin Puppet.”

Then they also had an issue over the fact that while the EU has allowed Americans in to visit, Biden still has EU on the ban list because of the pandemic and isn’t allowing travel into the U.S. People in Europe are not happy with that. So imagine this. He’s letting in illegal aliens across the border without any testing or checks but not letting in anyone from Europe who would come legally and with checks. On the other hand, he lifted the Trump “ban” that applied to states that had terrorism issues.

From NRO:

Meanwhile, one of Biden’s first executive actions on Inauguration Day was to reverse former president Trump’s “discriminatory bans on entry to the U.S.” that targeted seven Muslim majority and African countries. His proclamation read: “[The Trump Executive Orders] have jeopardized our global network of alliances and partnerships and are a moral blight that has dulled the power of our example the world over. And they have separated loved ones, inflicting pain that will ripple for years to come. They are just plain wrong.”

For the Biden administration, European nations who maintain 21st century standard health care, conduct frequent testing, offer widespread access to vaccines, and publish transparent, timely data about their progress are just too much of a danger to America’s public health. Unlike Syrians or El Salvadoreans whose entry aligns with Biden’s politics, Spaniards and Swedes must languish in their separation from American family members because their heartbreak is simply not compelling enough to grant them visits with visas.


So figure out what sense this makes, other than it fits Joe’s political desires. Nothing at all to do with the “science.”


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