Reuters Take on Cuban Protests Shows Why Journalism Is Truly Dead

Over the past year, we saw the difference in how media treated lockdown protests vs. how they treated the BLM/Antifa actions in their pandemic-related descriptions.


Lockdown protests were treated as “super spreaders” and people wanting to kill Grandma. But in the case of the BLM protests, media justified the protests, saying they were necessary despite the pandemic because of the importance of their cause, regardless of the risk.

Listen as Mayor Bill de Blasio explains: It’s just too important for the pandemic to stop.

All the rights and freedoms, your job or your livelihood, going to the funeral for your mom, going to church — all that couldn’t happen. But BLM protests could, and the pandemic apparently would magically skip them.

Media cited public health experts justifying the protests, “White supremacy is a lethal public health issue that predates and contributes to COVID-19,” NPR quoted the ‘experts.’

So, therefore, with a great evil like the Communist government of Cuba, with communism being responsible for the death and oppression of millions, you would think that the media would use the same logic they claimed about the BLM, right? Not so much.


Check out Reuters today.

Once again, apparently, the virus picks and only strikes folks that Democrats and media have an issue with. It’s a uniquely intelligent virus. It doesn’t hit those with a special “cause.” So we know what Reuters thinks of one of the most evil ideologies that man has ever invented. How to toss away any remaining journalistic credibility that Reuters may have once had all in one tweet.

Maybe the people in the streets are thinking that their government is a greater threat to them at this point, after 62 years of oppression — with people being beaten in the streets and arrested — than the virus. How dare they fight for their freedom?!

People took Reuters to task for their blindness.


Here’s a thought for Reuters: One of the reasons we have the pandemic is, at least in part, because of the cover-up by another evil Communist government, that of China. So yes, I’m thinking that even in talking about the pandemic, if there hadn’t been the oppressive communism, we’d all be in a different place now, even on that score.


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