Peter Doocy Exposes a Huge Problem When He Asks Jen Psaki About Communism

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Did you ever imagine there would be a leader in the White House who would refuse to condemn communism by name?

At one time most of us probably thought it could never happen. Unfortunately, we seem to be there right now and that’s a chilling thought.


An evil ideology that we’ve fought for decades, responsible for the deaths of millions. and the Biden team seems incapable of even calling out the “c” word.

Fox’s Peter Doocy definitely put Jen Psaki on the spot big time today.

As we reported earlier, Doocy asked a great question in regard to the situation with the runaway Texas Democrats. Then Doocy also got some great ones in about Cuba.

Doocy asked Psaki about DHS secretary Alejandro Mayorkas’s comment that Cubans, even those who had legitimate asylum claims, would not be admitted into the U.S.

So think about that for a second. Anyone can enter through the southern border, virtually none of whom have legitimate asylum claims, and they will be allowed in if they claim asylum. Biden even had them “surge” to the border. He ended the Remain in Mexico program, saying all those people should be allowed in to wait here to have their claims heard. But actual people in true fear for their lives the Biden team will deny any entry at all, even knowing the claims are legitimate.


The hypocrisy is head-spinning. It was too much even for Psaki as she tried to tap dance all over the question and ended up not making a lot of sense. Of course, one problem they may have with such refugees is that they’d be more likely to be Republican. But they wouldn’t admit that.

But then it got even worse when Doocy put her on the spot and said in terms of “root causes,” don’t we know that the reason is “people don’t like communism.” Watch the Psaki evasion there.

She’s not sure what the question is? Or she just wants to avoid saying something bad about communism? She just can’t bring herself to use the word, she says people are upset with the “mismanagement.” No, Jen, that isn’t “mismanagement.” Economic failure is the natural consequence of communism. Repression is a natural consequence of communism. It’s a feature, it’s not a bug. But she doesn’t want to condemn it because she’ll lose half her party. It’s more than troubling to see the extent to which communist ideology has infiltrated the White House and how deeply they’re in its grip.


At a time when people in Florida are literally calling out for Biden to lead and do constructive things to help Cuba, Psaki made it very clear there was nothing more Biden would be saying, dashing their hopes.

When they can’t even name the basic issue, that’s a huge problem. Democrats must really want to lose Florida completely to the Republicans, given how they can’t even support or state basic truths.


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