Tucker Carlson Highlights Must-Read Thread About the Regime vs. Trump

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Tucker Carlson did something he doesn’t usually do. He read and explained a Twitter thread from podcaster Darryl Cooper, @MartyrMade, that’s a great synopsis of some of the surrounding reasons that formed Trump supporters’ opinions about the election, the media, and the powers that be.


How, at each turn, when there were efforts made against President Donald Trump there were never any consequences for those actions and how that influenced opinions.

Hillary Clinton and the DNC paid for the Steele dossier, which was then weaponized through the FBI and the media against Trump for years. We were told stories ad nauseam about “Russia collusion” by the media but it was the Democrats who paid for this disinformation through Steele. Media didn’t care and thousands if not millions on the left still believe this lie.

They knew that the media would have no trouble lying to them after all they had seen. Cooper pointed out there are still millions who likely think Justice Brett Kavanaugh was a gang rapist because of the lies promoted by CNN. We saw how they demonized a child for the mere crime of wearing a red hat.


Cooper referenced the Time Magazine story about the coordination against Trump to try to prevent him from winning that involved people across all levels of society. Then, over the summer, there were changes in voting procedures in various states.

Then the Hunter Biden laptop followed and that really put the media on bald-faced display — how the social media then tried to shut down the spread of the story and the information it would have given people about the lies of Joe Biden, not just Hunter Biden’s dissolute life. “Big Tech ran a full-on censorship campaign against a major newspaper to protect a political candidate,” Cooper tweeted. Twitter later admitted it was a mistake. But the election is over and no one again suffers any consequences. Meanwhile, had it been Donald Trump, Jr, everyone knows it would have been front pages everywhere. Media didn’t care about the truth of the false stories in the dossier against Donald Trump. They didn’t try to shut those down, they promoted them, even when the only support was a document paid for by the Democratic opposition.


Then, when people had questions about the things that had gone during the election, media shut down questioning of it. That made everything worse, rather than encouraging questions and transparency. As Cooper notes, had the situation been reversed it would have been “Taken Very Seriously, see 2016 for proof.”

So what is the answer to this when that is what you are faced with, when the gaslighting is so deep? We should understand that will not everyone can express it as well as it was laid out in the thread that millions do get it. That every day, it’s being called out, that we need to do what we can to shed light through all the media nonsense.


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