First, Biden Talked 'Door to Door,' Now CNN Is Talking Mandating Vaccinations

AP Photo/Ron Harris

The Biden team bought themselves a big backlash when they said they were involved in getting people to go “door to door” to “get remaining Americans vaccinated.”

At this point, pretty much anyone who wants to get vaccinated, has gotten vaccinated. If someone hasn’t, then it’s a choice they’re making for health or other reasons. For some people, the reason they haven’t gotten vaccinated is distrust of the government’s push on all this. So naturally, what does the Biden team do? Push more.

If it were just about being concerned about people “lacking information” as Psaki later tried to say, they could send out mailers and do a bunch of TV spots encouraging people. If you’re going to people’s homes, let’s be honest — it’s about pressuring folks to get vaccinated.

While a reporter tried to clean up the push, and help Jen Psaki out during a briefing, by calling such federal involvement in a door to door effort “standard,” I don’t recall ever in my lifetime the federal government being involved in people going door to door to push vaccinations. Hardly standard. To suggest that it is, is gaslighting.

We see the pandemic lessening; you can see that from the CDC chart as to deaths. The seven-day, rolling average of deaths for the country, as of July 8, is 165.

The CDC reports 158.6 million are fully vaccinated — almost 60% of those over 18.

So, why the seeming increase in the pressure now?

Not only from the Biden team, but now listen also to the CNN folks arguing that people should basically be socially forced into it — that it should either be mandated, and if you try to opt out, you should be subjected to twice-weekly testing.

Here’s CNN’s medical analyst Dr. Jonathan Reiner saying it should be mandated, and that private industry should act to require it.

Then there’s another CNN medical analyst, Dr. Leana Wen, who says “it needs to be hard for people to remain unvaccinated.” She’s encouraging mandates by workplaces and schools but that, if people want to opt out, “you have to sign these forms, you have to get twice-weekly testing.”

While they’re not using the term “vaccine passport,” they’re basically advocating mandated vaccination if you want to traverse in normal society, in Wen’s own words, to make it hard for you not to comply. We can’t force you to take it, but you wouldn’t be able to work or shop or go anywhere. So you’d end up having that in one way or another to get around.

So, one word. No. Again, you don’t get to dictate my medical health, no matter who you send to my door. They’re sounding more and more desperate, as the pandemic fades.