Huge, Troubling Expansion of the Capitol Police Coming, Across the Country

AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin

The Capitol is still locked down, still closed to Americans. One has to ask why.

The Democrats are going to try to use the ‘investigation’ of the three-hour Capitol riot by a select committee to continue an effort to connect Republicans to the event and bash them going into 2022.


All that is troubling.

But now there’s something that perhaps is even more troubling because of the clear potential for abuse.

According to the New York Times, the U.S. Capitol Police have announced they are now planning to expand operations outside Washington “beginning with the opening of field offices in California and Florida” but the plan is to open “several additional regional offices.” Their spokesman says they need to monitor and quickly investigate threats against lawmakers.

The New York Times tries to justify this by saying that Secret Service has field offices elsewhere. But the Secret Service has multiple missions including not just covering protectees like the President or Vice President but also investigations into crimes against the financial infrastructure of the United States. They’re also part of the executive branch and subject to review and FOIA.


The Capitol Police is now basically just saying we’re going to have this huge expansion of this police power without any review or even a vote of Congress. They are completely controlled by Congress (translation: House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, at this point). We’ve seen how they respond to a basic question of who killed Ashli Babbitt by simply refusing to answer because they can. How do we think that’s going to work as they fan out and start investigating people across the nation? As we saw in the case of Babbitt, they are also not subject to FOIA.

So basically there’s going to be a police force, controlled by the Democrats, without any ability to demand transparency from it that’s going to investigate “threats” to members of Congress and provide “security” for them. Who will be determining what a “threat” is and who do you think they will be investigating with this? Three guesses. It wouldn’t be BLM or Antifa which has presented a continuing threat to governmental entities. It’s basically going to be investigating people they think are ‘extremists’ (translation: right-wing in their minds). Does anyone else see a potential problem here?


The Capitol Police are controlled by Congress and are supposed to be about protecting Congress basically in Washington, D.C. The responsibility of the protection of the members of Congress when they went back to their home districts was largely left to local law enforcement or other federal law enforcement. So this is a huge upending of that process. Why? And why now? This on top of governmental operatives now being sent to go door to door to push people to get vaccinated. We’re going to a pretty concerning place here.



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