Nat Geo Frets About Fireworks While Number of Shootings in Chicago Is Shocking

AP Photo/Teresa Crawford

On the Fourth of July, some Democrats and liberal media seemed intent upon being attacking the holiday, the flag, the national anthem, even the Declaration of Independence, declaring them all somehow racist.


Perhaps the most ridiculous assertion in the effort to go after America was from National Geographic. Remember when these guys were concerned about animals and natural formations? Now we hear ridiculous things like this:

“Scientists found that vulnerable people and communities of color are disproportionately exposed to air pollution from firework celebrations,” they argued. So apparently fireworks are racist, now, along with everything else. So they actually went to the trouble of writing an article about the pollution that you might get from random fireworks for a few minutes. Seriously, guys? This is some kind of reach. The whole purpose seems to be about taking shots at American traditions or things that celebrate America.

But I have a suggestion for National Geographic. Heck, for any of the mainstream media.

They’re so busy coming up with this divisive stuff. How about actually caring where black lives are actually being taken? If you knew there was going to be a mass shooting, wouldn’t you want to do anything you could to stop it? And yet we do know. We know every weekend now in the summer in Chicago, there will be mass shootings. Yet no one in the mainstream media seems to give a darn.


This weekend, at least 92 people were shot, with 16 killed since Friday. Imagine if we take that statistic and place it somewhere other than Chicago? Would we then get people to pay attention and do something? This is something that “disproportionately affects people of color.” So where’s your story on this, National Geographic? Why is there no attention to this? Because it’s a Democratic city? Because you really don’t care about black lives unless you can use them to further a left-wing political purpose?

Six children were among the wounded, including a five-year-old girl who was shot in the leg and a six-year-old girl.

There was also a Chicago police commander and a sergeant who were shot while dispersing a crowd, with the commander struck in the foot and the sergeant shot in the leg.

How do you stop this when it’s so entrenched in Chicago? A lot of it is gang-related and there’s a lot of corruption that interferes with the effort to go after the gangs to hold them accountable. It will take a lot to unravel. But it seems like no one is really making that effort.


This is actually a video from last week during which a one-month-old baby is shot in a car. It’s a good example of what a lot of these shootings look like — someone driving up and shooting wildly, hitting anything that might happen to be in the way, even a baby.


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