Quid Pro Joe? Biden's Pick for Ambassador to Germany Raises a Lot of Questions

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As we previously reported, Hunter Biden’s emails revealed that when Joe Biden was vice president, Joe and Hunter used his office as a way to advance his son’s business deals, even using Air Force Two to fly one of the business associates and Hunter to Mexico for a “gigantic” business deal. Giving access to meet the big guy paid off very well for Hunter.


Even with all the emails and pictures of Joe Biden meeting with Hunter’s business associates, Joe Biden still claimed during the campaign that he knew nothing about his son’s business. Imagine the nerve that takes to say that, when he knew he was doing all this and that the evidence was likely out there.

But, Hunter and his business associates aren’t the only, unanswered questions about Joe’s dealings. It was announced Friday that Biden would be nominating Amy Gutmann, the long-term president of the University of Pennsylvania, to be Ambassador to Germany.

After Joe Biden left the vice presidency, one of the things he did was become a ‘professor’ at Penn from 2017 until 2019, when he began running for president. But, there were a few problems with that: it was basically an honorary title with very little actual work involved. For the ‘job,’ he made just nine on-campus appearances between February 2017 and February 2019 (two years). Five of those appearances involved the President of the University, Amy Gutmann, appearing as well. For that heavy workload? He was paid almost a million dollars — $911,643. Nice ‘work,’ if you can get it.

Biden also helped found the Penn Biden Center at the university. Except no one seems to know/or be willing to answer where the money for the Center came from. It officially opened in February 2018 and became a place to work for his past and future aides. As I wrote last year, the funding of the Biden Center raised questions.


From Free Beacon:

This past week, the National Legal and Policy Center, a government watchdog group, filed a complaint with the Department of Education regarding the University of Pennsylvania and Joe Biden asking for an investigation into the funding at the University of Pennsylvania and the Penn Biden Center.

I reported how the University of Pennsylvania got over $61 million in gifts and contracts from China, with $21 million of that being “anonymous gifts.” NLPC was trying to get to the bottom of it.

From Free Beacon:

The donations included a $502,750 “monetary gift” in October 2017 from the State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs, a Chinese government agency that helps administer the regime’s “Thousand Talents Plan.” Federal prosecutors claim the program is linked to Chinese espionage operations at American universities and have prosecuted academics for hiding their involvement in it. Other contributors included China’s Zhejiang University, the China Merchants Bank, and the China Everbright Group, a state-owned investment group, according to federal records.

That wasn’t all.

The Biden Center is part of the University of Pennsylvania’s “Penn Global” department, headed by Biden’s campaign health care adviser Ezekiel Emanuel, which handles the university’s foreign research and outreach programs.

Those programs have become increasingly focused on China in recent years. According to the Penn Global website, the university has “over 20 international partnerships with Chinese institutions” and has conducted “over 350 research projects and instructional activities in China.”


So, it would seem rather important to know about those funding sources — not only for the Biden Center and Joe Biden, but for this nominee. Plus, it seems pretty important to know to what foreign research in China or Chinese institutions the Biden Center was connected with, given everything that has gone on with Chinese research and the pandemic.

Biden has known and been close to Gutmann for years. But, the nomination certainly raises a concern when he got such a job, after getting such a job from the University with very little work — and now, she gets a very choice and important nomination.


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