Biden Snaps at Reporters and Calls a Lid on Himself

AP Photo/Evan Vucci

Joe Biden doesn’t like being challenged. We’ve seen in the past how that has caused an eruption of anger from him on many occasions. He even went after voters during the campaign so you know how little control he has.


He gets testy often, despite the fact that he’s been largely coddled by the mainstream media, who soft-pedal him a lot of the time and ask things like his favorite ice cream flavor.

But apparently, the reporters weren’t doing enough bootlicking today. They actually asked some questions about Afghanistan. The deadline for the pull-out being completed is fast approaching, so it’s a completely valid thing to ask about. But not to Joe, who didn’t want to answer any more questions. He wanted out of there.

“I’m not going to answering any more questions on Afghanistan. Look, it’s Fourth of July. I’m concerned that you guys are asking me questions and I’ll answer next week… I’ll answer all your negative questions — not negative, your legitimate questions.”


He’s “concerned that they’re asking [him] questions?” That’s supposed to be their job. I know they don’t often do it, but he’s just refusing to answer them because he doesn’t like them asking questions about a challenging issue.

Biden made it clear, he only wants to talk about “happy things,” you rubes. How dare you ask him real questions or about how everything is blowing up on his watch?!

Yes, he doesn’t want to have to answer on how the Taliban are going to take over once we pull out of Afghanistan, how the border crisis is getting worse every month, that there’s rising shootings and crime because of the Democratic assault on the police and that prices are soaring with inflation, especially gas prices. All that reality is a little bit too much for the man at this point. He wants to make up stats on how everything is wonderful, call a lid, get out of there, go to his beach house, and nap.


By the way, I thought we didn’t hit his vaccination goal for the Fourth of July? So why is he getting to celebrate? Remember how he said we could have small celebrations with family and friends if we hit the goal he set for this date, otherwise, we might not be able to? Of course, no one cared about what he said and people were already getting together with their families. They didn’t need his or the government’s permission. But hey, why should he adhere to his own crazy parameters, right? He only wants to talk about happy things.


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