Report: Emails Show Biden Team Pressured Facebook to Censor the Trump Campaign

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During the election, we saw an effort by Big Tech to cashier stories that might have hurt Joe Biden. Twitter even banned the url of a New York Post story about an email on Hunter Biden’s laptop.


The story was critically important because it showed Joe Biden had lied about not knowing anything about his son Hunter’s business associates. But, Twitter blocked the story at a critical time in the month before the election, claiming they had done so because it was “hacked” material, when there was no such evidence that was true. They later admitted it was a mistake, but oh well, too late. Facebook also admitted they reduced the distribution of the story.

So, here’s another question that needs to be asked to the Big Tech guys. Did the Biden team ask to take down that story or any other stories/posts?

There’s a story that came out this week, oddly enough from CNN, that really raises that question again about what influence the Biden team had on Big Tech before the election to remove things they didn’t like from social media.

CNN writes about a “cache of emails” they acquired detailing communications between the Biden team and Facebook, complaining about things posted on Facebook including ‘misinformation’ from a Team Trump account.

Now ,CNN spins the emails they supposedly found to put the best face on what has to be concerning communication, particularly right before the election, claiming the Biden folks were concerned about ‘misinformation.’

But I have another big question for CNN now: where’s the link to the cache of emails? Why are you characterizing what the emails have to say, rather than allowing us to see what they actually say — what the Biden people were actually saying to Facebook?


I mean it’s not like we can just take CNN’s word for anything, given the last four years of lies. But I’m really curious about why they aren’t showing these emails? Because I’m willing to take a wild guess: there’s more than just what they’re saying and more than just being concerned about misinformation. If Democrats were actually concerned about misinformation, they would have to have Facebook remove virtually everything they themselves have spread over the past four years.

So, who was behind this communication? “Top Biden operatives.”

CNN describes one incident involving a video Donald Trump, Jr. posted calling for an “army” of volunteers to help out with election security. Now while CNN tries to demonize the term “army” and suggest it’s violent in some way, how would this be any different from poll watchers, which you have at every election? Indeed, that would be what I would think it would mean. So, was the concern about “misinformation” there or about stopping the reach out to have people become involved?

Here’s part of the communication about it from a “senior Biden official.” They’re clearly upset that it hasn’t been removed as they asked.

The fact that this video is still on your platform — and is being used to recruit some sort of, and I quote, ‘army for Trump’s election security effort’ — is astounding. It is impossible to reconcile this with any of the policies regarding voting and voter suppression that Facebook has released over the past 3 years and emphasized to us privately in several dozen conversations.


We might know more if we actually saw the emails. I’d also like to know more about those “several dozen conversations” that they had privately with Facebook.

Although Facebook didn’t take the video down, they did tag the video with a misinformation label.

The Biden team’s interpretation of all this? You’re not bending to our will enough.

They added: “We implore you to approach this problem with seriousness and a sense of mission. We have found that to be lacking thus far. If the effort and mental gymnastics undertaken to allow this post to remain on your platform were instead devoted to carrying out your acknowledged responsibility to democracy, we might see some progress.”

A month later, Facebook then implemented a new policy against “militarized language and polling locations,” CNN says.

In 2020, concerns about misinformation were so worrisome to the Biden campaign that the presidential candidate himself was kept abreast of some of the misinformation on the site, a former Biden campaign aide said.

“It was the most frustrating series of conversations,” the aide said. “We went to Facebook with a series of letters, public complaints, private emails and all throughout, they essentially did nothing.” Facebook spokesperson Andy Stone said the company has done more that any other internet company to combat harmful content.


Translation? He was responding to their wishes, just not doing everything they wanted him to.

You may have noticed or heard about the Facebook and Twitter purges of people questioning the election or connected to QAnon. It’s hard to know exactly how many people got whacked.

Turns out that wasn’t simply organic from Facebook, but at least, in part, because a DNC official was flagging things to Facebook.

The complaints from Democrats to Facebook continued after Election Day.

In the days immediately after the election, emails show a DNC official flagging a series of Facebook posts that were said to be inciting violence and promoting the QAnon conspiracy theory from a Facebook forum dedicated to the “Stop the Steal” movement — an election disinformation campaign that became a rallying cry for the January 6 insurrection. [….]

On November 5, two days after the election, Facebook shut down a major Stop the Steal group which had gathered hundreds of thousands of members. [….]

Although Facebook did review and remove some content flagged by Democrats for violating its rules, Timothy Durigan, a DNC official who flagged posts to Facebook, told CNN it felt like his warnings were falling on deaf ears.

Facebook’s Andy Stone shows how much they actually did comply.

“It’s also why we’ve done more than any other internet company to combat harmful content, including limiting content that sought to delegitimize the outcome of the election, both before and after January 6. We banned hundreds of militarized social movements, took down tens of thousands of QAnon pages, groups, and accounts from our apps, removed the original #StopTheSteal Group, labeled candidates’ posts that sought to prematurely declare victory, and suspended former President Trump from our platform for at least two years.”


So, where are the emails? Put them out there. Inquiring minds want to know.



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