Twitter's Excuse for Suppressing the Hunter Biden Story Gets Blasted Big Time, With Brit Hume Finishing Them Off

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Brit Hume says President Trump got “rolled” on debt deal with Democrats.

Twitter has been shutting down the explosive Hunter Biden laptop story.

While Jack Dorsey admitted that they overreacted, he claimed that they did so because they couldn’t assure that the provenance of the information was legal, even claiming it was comparable to hacked material although there is no facts supporting that the information was hacked.


But that prompted a reaction back from many people saying that this was a sham response, pointing to many other instances where they didn’t interfere in false or illegally obtained information when it came to attacking President Donald Trump.

The New York Times story about Trump’s tax information, if true, was using illegally leaked information. Did Twitter shut down that information? On the contrary, they amplified it.


The New York Post attacked the excuse, noting how this “process” was never applied to unreliable/leaked/false anti-Trump stories.

“[T]he lack of authoritative reporting on the origins of the materials included” in the report.

Misinformation? Lack of authoritative reporting? The story explained exactly The Post got the material, and the supporting evidence. Yet the past four years have seen left-of-center outlets devote millions of column inches to anti-Trump stories that turned out to be utter bunk — yet neither Facebook nor Twitter took similar action as part of any “standard process”:

Brit Hume finished Twitter off, reminding them of what they did with the biggest “unreliable” story of them all, that Twitter and liberal media amplified for more than three years, that some are still pushing, the Russia collusion hoax.

“No amount of “great” communicating would make suppressing a newspaper article acceptable, especially since Twitter was for two years an open sewer of misinformation about Trump-Russia collusion,” Hume declared.


Indeed. This clear suppression has angered Americans, even some people on the left who see the inherent danger of suppressing and controlling the information. They’ve opened up a can of worms that’s already coming back on them. This is scary stuff when they’re shutting down information like this.

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