Portland Ad Advertising City: 'Anything Can Happen,' 'We Like It That Way'

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We’ve seen a lot of violence in Portland over the past year from the BLM/Antifa crowd, with more than 100 days of rioting in a row beginning last May, and frequent rioting ever since.


Dozens of members of law enforcement have been attacked, as well as constant assaults on government buildings like the ICE building, the Multnomah County Justice Center, and the Portland federal courthouse.

There’s also been a terrible rise in crime, in part because of the move against the police, not only by the activists but by the leftist local government as well. When the federal courthouse was under attack night after night, the local government took the side of the rioters, not the side of the federal agents, even calling the agents “stormtroopers,” a term which was also used by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

But it’s not only that. There’s also the failure to actually prosecute the cases, which of course then begets more cases.

This chart tells the tale. It’s a bad one for Democratic cities in general, but particularly for Portland.

Can we say yikes? Who the heck would want to go to Portland, a beautiful city being done in by leftist craziness? Even their riot squad just quit.


Travel Portland is a non-profit in charge of advertising the city for tourism. So guess how they’re trying to sell the city if you go there: “Anything can happen” is part of what they say in their full-page ad. Is that a promise or a threat?

Their pitch? Seemingly to endorse the crazy, “We like it this way.”

“This is Portland” is part of a campaign to pitch the city through August.

From Daily Mail:

You’ve heard a lot about us lately,’ the NYT ad begins. ‘It’s been a while since you’ve heard from us.’

‘Some of what you’ve heard about Portland is true. Some is not. What’s most important is that we’re true to ourselves.’

‘There’s a river that cuts through the middle of our town. It divides the east and the west. But it’s bridged – over and over again. Twelve times, to be specific. And that’s kind of a great metaphor for this city.’

The advert goes on to highlight Portland’s problems – and implies that locals don’t mind the out-of-control behavior that has made much of the city’s downtown area a no-go zone after dark

It says: ‘We’re a place of dualities that are never polarities. Two sides of the same coin that keeps landing right on its edge. Anything can happen. We like it this way.

‘This is the kind of place where new ideas are welcome – whether they’re creative, cutting-edge or curious at first glance. You can speak up here. You could be yourself here.’

‘We have some of the loudest voices on the West Coast. And yes, passion pushes the volume all the way up. We’ve always been like this. We wouldn’t have it any other way.’

‘We have faith in the future. We’re building it every day the only way we know how, by being Portland. Come see for yourself.’


Here’s their video pitch with includes some of the same verbiage and is equally weird and unappealing.

They may like it that way. But that’s exactly why they won’t get any tourist response from any sane person.


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