Founder of Biden-Supporting PAC Believed Man Murdered in Chicago Was a White Supremacist, So He Didn't 'Give a S**t'

Charles Rex Arbogast

We reported previously about the horrible shooting in Chicago after the Puerto Rican Day parade.

Two people, Gyovanny Arzuaga and his wife, Yasmin Perez, were pulled out of their car, which was flying the Puerto Rican flag, by multiple men, and shot. Arzuaga died; Perez is in critical condition. They have two children, ages one and three.


There was a lot of comment about the video which circulated on social media because of how graphic and awful the incident was. Also, that given the serious nature of the incident that there didn’t seem to be a lot of coverage on it in the news, at least initially. Ann Coulter tweeted the video saying, “Try finding news about this murder on Google.”

Richard Taite’s blue-checked Twitter bio claimed he was the founder of the Democratic Preservation Initiative, a Democratic PAC devoted to supporting Joe Biden, according to Open Secrets. He also was the founder of an exclusive boutique rehab center, Cliffside Malibu. He responded to Coulter’s tweet about the killing, apparently believing that the flag the two people had on their car was a Confederate flag.

“I’m sorry is that a Confederate flag they’re flying from their car? Trolling that neighborhood? Yeah I don’t give a sh** Ann and you should’ve mentioned that,” he ranted.

Now how does any adult not know the difference between the Confederate flag and the Puerto Rican flag?

Yet, even if he didn’t know the difference and they had a Confederate flag, that wouldn’t make the shooting/murder justified. And yes, you should find such a murder abhorrent no matter what the victims’ beliefs might be or what flag they might be flying.


He then made it worse by confirming that, yes, he would have been “agnostic” if it had been a Confederate flag.

He’s since completely taken down his account.

But can we talk about what a wonderful example of liberal ‘tolerance’ this was? And this contributes to “preserving democracy” how? But this is just one piece of evidence of the vitriol that constantly spews from liberal Twitter. Yet they likely see no conflict in having such twisted thoughts and claiming to be tolerant and preserving of this country’s values.

Coulter got in the last shot, though.


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