Obama Ethics Head Flips out at Biden Over New Ethical Questions

AP Photo/Patrick Semansky

Imagine Democrats who were fond of claiming, falsely, that President Donald Trump’s family did all kinds of unethical things, thinking that if they voted for Joe Biden they were going to get a paragon of ethical virtue.

Were these Democrats asleep during the campaign? Or just watching CNN? Apparently. Did they miss every single story about Hunter Biden? How about the ones about Jim Biden, Joe’s brother?

Now, as I reported before, even the claim that Biden wouldn’t have conflicts with his Administration and his family was a bunch of bull. Biden immediately showed this when his transition team, which used taxpayer dollars, defended his son Hunter when it was announced the FBI was investigating him. Anyone who really thought that Biden was going to be anything other than what he always has been was kidding themselves.

Apparently, Walter Shaub, Barack Obama’s head of the Office of Government Ethics, bought it all. Hook, line, and sinker.

But now his illusion has been blown apart and we have to give him credit for being very vocal about being very dumb. It shows that at least he’s honest on this.

He tweeted a piece from The Washington Post about how some of the children of Biden’s most trusted staffers have been getting top jobs in the administration. In addition to the children of five trusted advisers, including Biden’s right-hand man, Steve Ricchietti, getting top jobs, other relatives of top Biden aides also have gotten administration jobs including the wife of White House Chief of Staff Ron Klain and the sister of White House press secretary Jen Psaki.

Shaub was mad.

Warning for language.

Could you tell the difference?

Let’s hear a little more from Walter Shaub on Steve Ricchietti’s family.

From Fox News:

“It feels like the taxpayers are funding a career-building charity for the Ricchetti family,” Shaub previously told Fox News. “Add to that the fact that you’ve got Ricchetti’s brother lobbying the administration, and this feels like a very special episode of the Partridge Family where they all pile in the van and go visit Washington — only they should call this show the Patronage Family.” [….]

Another of Steve Ricchetti’s sons, Daniel Ricchetti, is a senior adviser in the office of the undersecretary of State for arms control and international security, and his daughter Shannon Ricchetti is deputy associate director at the office of the White House social secretary.

We could have told him. Indeed, we did. He and other Democrats just didn’t listen.

Well, yes. But at least you get it now.

Shaub also pointed out how the ethics promises that Biden made were full of holes and had all kinds of exceptions so as to basically nullify any effect. So they looked good to people easily taken in, but actually stopped nothing.

Shaub then pointed out problems with some other high-level positions, basically showing how corporations owned Biden.

Welcome to a little reality, Walter, glad you finally get what we’ve been screaming about Biden for a long time.