CNN Rewrites Reality on Biden Losing It at Their Reporter

AP Photo/Evan Vucci

Joe Biden really imploded today.

He did that angry dementia thing, in a way it was very hard to ignore, losing it at a CNN reporter who asked a perfectly reasonable question to him.


Of course, media being media immediately did their best to smooth it out and excuse it for him.

This is how CNN described what had occurred. Here’s CNN’s Jeff Zeleny spin on what you just saw. It doesn’t even begin to reflect reality.

Now, they’re writing this, even with the video going viral. Yet, still, they’re trying to gaslight you about what happened. Imagine how much they are spinning about things where you don’t know what happened. This takes some kind of nerve to present it that way.


As we noted earlier, Biden’s people knew he had blown it big time so they rushed him out to apologize for losing it and being nasty to Collins.

But even then, even when supposedly apologizing, Biden still couldn’t stop carping that they actually dared to ask him a question and put him on the spot. He’s been so coddled by them, he gets bent out of shape when they bother to come close to doing their job.

His initial reaction looked like a classic dementia reaction to being challenged; it’s happened before and will happen again with him.


Even the reporter who he yelled at and insulted, CNN’s Kaitlan Collins, said that he didn’t need to apologize, that she was just doing her job.

Now, everyone knows that if it had been President Donald Trump that said what Biden did, CNN would be exploding at him about it and Collins would have plenty to say about it. She wouldn’t be giving it a pass. Nor would the rest of CNN or media be quiet, they’d be all over it, 24/7.

But that’s the bottom line here. They can be pushed around by the Russians and have Biden laugh at that. They can have Biden be abusive and insult one of their own. They can have their people denied access to meetings and pushed out by White House officials and they’ll still lick Biden’s boots.


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