Tucker Raises Some Savage Questions About the Pic on the Plane of Jill Biden

Jill Biden posted a picture on Twitter of her sitting at the presidential desk on Air Force One with her looking through a large briefing book and the message, “Prepping for the G-7.” That sparked a lot of questions from people as to where Joe was and what she was doing in his seat.


So, after a classic skewering of Kamala Harris the night before, Tucker Carlson took on “Dr. Jill” and what she was doing at the desk, preparing to represent us abroad. “Dr. Jill’s in charge now…so the point couldn’t be clearer.”

Carlson speculated what she might be reviewing in the briefing book and teased that perhaps she finally was reviewing the position paper that she wrote to get her Ed.D. which I wrote about in detail here. Needless to say, it wasn’t the most stunning piece of academic work on the block.

A little reminder of what I wrote about it last year suggesting she needed a copy editor. Oh, and help with math.

First, there was this gem in the second sentence: “The needs of the student population are often undeserved, resulting in a student drop-out rate of almost one third.” Were their needs “undeserved” or did she mean “underserved,” as I suspect?

Then there were some other fun ones: “Three quarters of the class will be Caucasian; one quarter of the class will be African American; one seat will hold a Latino; and the remaining seats will be filled with students of Asian descent or non-resident aliens.” How many quarters is that, Dr. Biden?

Then there was this passage at which people might look askance. Yikes.


“Many minority students lack basic skills such as identifying the main idea and supporting statements, identifying parts of speech or using punctuation correctly…”

But Tucker raises a great basic question. What is Jill Biden really trying to convey with this picture?

Now, we really have only two choices for Jill Biden’s tweeting the picture on the plane.

First, that she’s too clueless to understand how it will be taken. I could believe that, given her position paper for her doctorate. But that’s not exactly comforting. Or, second, that she knows exactly how it will be taken, and wants it to be taken that way because it helps her ego and makes her feel important. Either way is pretty problematic — clueless vs. ego-driven and not caring if the optics hurt her husband.

Seriously, either way is a big issue. Maybe that’s why Joe jokes about forgetting he’s president. Maybe Jill and the handlers are doing so much he forgets?


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