Jill Biden and Fauci Visit Harlem Together, but They're Met by Angry Protesters

Jill Biden and Fauci Visit Harlem Together, but They're Met by Angry Protesters
Jill Biden and Anthony Fauci at Abyssinian Baptist Church in NYC. Credit: AP

Dr. Anthony Fauci and Jill Biden were on the road in New York City to tour a vaccine site at the Abyssinian Baptist Church in Harlem this afternoon.

They watched about 15 people get vaccinated during their 40-minute visit there and pitched getting vaccinated in remarks to the media who were covering the visit.

From NY Post:

“We’re going to end this outbreak with absolute certainty and the vehicle to ending it is vaccination,” said Fauci. “And that’s why I’m so impressed by being here and so honored to be here.”

Biden offered to hold the hand of a 14-year-old boy who was getting a shot, “Do you want to hold my hand?” He turned her down flat, shaking his head “no.” Biden mentioned how he was exactly the kind of person they were now encouraging to get vaccinated, 12 years old and up.

Both Fauci and Jill Biden have been fully vaccinated. Yet, notice, they are still wearing masks. Why? Once again, sending mixed messages. The point is supposed to be to show that vaccination works. That if you get vaccinated, we can go back to normal. Not that, even after getting vaccinated, you still have to wear masks forever for virtue-signaling. So, what kind of message are they sending to the people getting vaccinated?

But, dozens of angry protesters shouted at the pair as they arrived at the church. The protesters were kept about a half block away, down the street from the entrance. The protesters slammed Fauci for his handling of the pandemic and over his emails that were released last week. They chanted to “Fire Fauci,” and they also chanted against Joe Biden.

Warning: video has graphic language

At least this media event was related to what he was supposed to be doing. Fauci has been doing all he can to get in media and deflect from the emails in the past week. He even went on with Rachel Maddow and claimed that the attacks on him were “attacks on science.” Now that takes some kind of hubris. But it doesn’t sound like the spin is doing him much good with the public. Politicians including Gov. Ron DeSantis are now calling for accountability from Fauci, in regard to his handling of the pandemic and a lot of the issues raised in the emails.

Fauci and Joe Biden may find that they cannot so easily deflect that firestorm circling around them on this.

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