Ignorant Liberals Pushing Vaccine Passports Don't Get Who That Would Really Hurt and Discriminate Against

We saw after BLM/Antifa rioting and demanding to “defund the police,” that the cities that moved in that direction saw a big spike in crime, shootings and murders. Among the people being adversely affected by this, black people. So the very people BLM claims they’re fighting for with all this are some of the people being harmed by the defunding as well as the rioting. We’ve been reporting on this for months but the Washington Post appears to have just discovered it, as we reported earlier.


But this isn’t the only place where the left and the media are getting it wrong. Media seems to want to pitch this picture of the people not getting vaccinated or reluctant to do so as white Trump supporters rubes. They seem to forget that we have the vaccines in large part because of President Donald Trump. While there certainly may be some Trump supporters in that group, there are people across the political spectrum who might not be getting vaccinated for a variety of reasons.

As these charts tend to show, the people who could be most impacted by vaccine passports or requirements of vaccinations like the cruise ships are contemplating would likely be black and Hispanic.


This is actually one of the reasons that WHO is against vaccine passports because they believe it may adversely impact people. So this is not fitting the political biases that the liberal media tends to push. The cruise ships now doing battle with Florida Governor Ron DeSantis over the issue of requiring proof of vaccination could then end up being most likely to discriminate against people of color. Regardless of who it would impact, it’s still against basic principles of freedom.

But as we reported, this is the kind of nonsense that the media is pushing:

As I’ve said before, if you are vaccinated, what do you care? You are protected? If someone else is unvaccinated, you should still be protected. So why are they concerned about the unvaccinated? Unless they are the ones having issues with accepting the validity of the vaccines? It’s such an odd argument that makes no sense. And it’s not about the science with the media, it’s about the bias and thinking it’s an attack point to go after folks like Gov. Ron DeSantis. Whereas DeSantis is standing on basic principles of freedom, as well as science.



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