Attack on Police Officer Is a Glaring Example of the Failure of Dem Policies

There’s a wild story out of San Francisco that says everything about what can happen when police aren’t following up on the “little crimes.”


On Friday, a rather large and clearly mentally unwell man was spewing racial epithets and threatening Asian people passing him by in San Francisco.

A female police officer then tried to check him out and stop him. It did not go well.

When she tried to frisk him for weapons, he jumped her and he was a lot bigger. Four men came running to her aid as the homeless man pounded her head into the pavement.

Then here comes all the cops, converging on the area, coming to help her.


Except this never should have happened and it’s on the liberal policies of the city of San Francisco.

Why? Because the police stopped him earlier for another crime. About two hours before he jumped the officer, he was damaging the rental scooters of some teenagers.

Instead of arresting him, the police just told him to go away. Why? Because in San Francisco, things that are considered “minor offenses” aren’t prosecuted, so basically the cops don’t even pursue them. That’s not so much on the officers, that’s on the politicians that put impose that on them and on the citizens of San Francisco. The officers maybe could even have tried to get a welfare check on him, not even an arrest to get him off the street. But since they didn’t, as a consequence, now the female officer is reportedly seriously injured, according to the Asian Dawn news that got the initial video.


We’ve reported on the issues in San Francisco before including the problem with the radical District Attorney Chesa Boudin including the dismissal of charges against a teenaged carjacking suspect who allegedly was involved in beating and dragging a 75-year-old woman by her hair. They had multiple witnesses and video but dismissed the charges anyway. This was just one of many incidents, including a raft of shoplifting, theft, and robbery that have outraged citizens in San Francisco. As we reported, even Democrats are now calling for the recall of Boudin. This is also House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s home turf, she’s naturally among the missing when it comes to actually doing anything about the issues.


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