US Honors BLM, Flies Their Flag at Embassies Around World

Tuesday was May 25, the anniversary of the death of George Floyd.

As we reported yesterday, the State Department gave guidance in regard to the day that embassies and other diplomatic posts authorized to fly BLM flags and to promote other BLM messaging. While it specifically mentioned May 25, they also authorized flying it for the calendar year and made clear the messaging wasn’t only about the one day.


Pursuant to that directive, on Tuesday, several embassies flew BLM flags including those in Greece, Spain, Cambodia, and Bosnia.

Translated: “Embassy staff show their solidarity after the one-year anniversary of the murder of George Floyd: ‘We show the banner #BlackLivesMatter at the Embassy headquarters to resoundingly reaffirm that racism has no place in our world.’ — Charge d’affaires Tribble.”

Here’s the consulate in Thessaloniki, Greece.

The Twitter embassy accounts also spread this video.


This ignores all the BLM-connected riots: all the killings that happened (including the black people killed), the hundreds injured, including hundreds of police officers, and the millions in damage. This discounts the radical nature of the group itself, or worse, it is implicitly endorsing it. Since when are U.S. diplomatic posts explicitly endorsing a political group, especially one that is anti-American?

So let’s look a little more at what the group thinks. Here’s Patrisse Cullors in 2015, talking about the Confederate flag. But while she criticizes that flag, she also attacks the American flag, the flag under which the BLM flag was flying on poles at U.S. embassies around the world on Tuesday.

“I also think it’s important that we talk about the American flag, that’s a symbol of lots of hate as well,” Patrisse Cullors says. “The American flag is also a terrible symbol of our particular moment. This American flag is being waved while black people are dying every 28 hours by a vigilante security guard or police officer… I appreciate the Confederate flag burning, I think it’s a powerful symbol and it’s really amazing to be alive watching people burn it down and I want to question too – are we saying then that the American flag is a symbol we are standing by? It’s not a symbol I am standing by.”

That’s who the Biden regime was honoring today with this display — people who despise America and want to dismantle it as we understand it. People who spread misleading information — like the 28-hour claim that even Politifact has debunked as deceptive.


Even the parents of some of the people whose names BLM have invoked, like Breonna Taylor’s mom, have blasted the leaders of the group. Taylor’s mom, Tamika Palmer called the group a “fraud,” saying they’ve “never done a damn thing for us.”

Here’s the flag that seems to matter most to BLM leaders. It’s the one in the middle of this BLM flag display at the square they renamed — “We accept Visa and MasterCard.”


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