Ted Cruz Gets ATF Nominee to Admit Just How Much He and Biden Want to Take Our Guns

Remember when Joe Biden got in a fight with that autoworker at the plant in Michigan — when Biden insisted he wasn’t coming for your guns? He even cursed at the man and called him a liar when the man challenged him.


That was March 10 of last year. Note the lack of a mask in close quarters as well.

But as I wrote then, Biden, although flipping out and claimed he wasn’t coming for our guns to the autoworker, had previously made it very clear he was coming for them including your “AR-14” and anything he might define as an “assault weapon,” whatever that might mean to Democrats at any given moment. As he revealed in that exchange with the autoworker, Biden seems to think that an AR-15 has “100 rounds” or is something akin to a machine gun.

So today, when Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) was grilling David Chipman, Joe Biden’s nominee for the head of the ATF, he grilled him about the AR-15, explaining that it was one of the most popular rifles, if not the most popular rifle in the country. Cruz asked if he supported a ban on it and got him to admit that not only did he, Chipman, support banning it, but Joe Biden did as well.


Chipman claims the AR-15 is a “particularly lethal weapon.” Pray tell, please tell us how? This is a statement meant to play to the ignorance — it’s not a machine gun, it fires one bullet per trigger pull. It’s popular because it’s light and easily adaptable. But there are far more deadly things than the AR-15.

But basically, that’s an excuse to grab the most popular weapon in the country. And if they can do that, they can grab any gun.

It means this nominee has no understanding of or respect for the Constitution and neither does Joe Biden.

The AR-15 is the very definition of a gun protected under the Heller decision as being in “common use” as one of the most popular rifles; it’s not anything the left generally portrays it to be. Millions of AR-15s are in current circulation in the country.

Let me also note this is the same nutball who claimed that government helicopters were shot down by the Branch Davidians in Waco. He’s also been a senior advisor to an anti-gun group. There probably couldn’t be a worse choice for the head of the ATF.


If any Republican votes for this guy, they should just hand in their resignation now or they should get primaried into next week. Every Republican should vote against such a naked repudiation of the Constitution. Unfortunately, this is coming not just from him but Biden himself, so they need to make clear to Biden this is unacceptable.


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