Joe Biden Has a 'Please Clap' Moment That Would Make Jeb! Bush Blush

AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

If you thought Jeb! Bush was low energy, you haven’t seen Joe Biden lately, and by lately, I mean anytime in the last few years. Now, Biden is one-upping the former Republican presidential candidate in a different area.


While attending a graduation ceremony for the U.S. Coast Guard, Biden had his “please clap” moment in a cringe-tastic display where he insulted the graduating class and then wondered allowed why they didn’t break out into applause at his brilliance.

For posterity, here’s Bush’s viral moment.

Yeah, that was cringe, but I think Biden has him beat. Here’s the current president attempting to make a joke about the Navy that apparently no one understood. In response,he calls them “dull” and then ponders why they didn’t clap while proclaiming “C’mon man, is the sun getting to you?”

Biden’s appearance as a cosplay of Skeletor should be enough to elicit a few laughs, but this joke was that bad, I guess. You’ve probably noticed that one of Biden’s tics is that when people don’t respond the way he wants, he insults and belittles them. It’s a defense mechanism that never comes across well. Here, after he chastises the class, he finally gets a few laughs from what sounds like officers near the front, but there’s never a real response.

Of course, maybe some of this has to do with the fact that military members aren’t necessarily keen on Biden and his party. With more and more woke garbage being shoved down their throats by the top brass at the direction of the administration and a foreign policy that promises to cause chaos, why would they be?


Past that, if you’ve got a really good memory you may recall that this isn’t Biden’s first time to insult military members while demanding applause. He did it back in 2016, calling the troops he was speaking to “dumb bastards” for not clapping at a quip about his wife and a military appointment.

Here’s the quote via a “fact-check” by Reuters which desperately tries to spin what he said.

Then he said, “I just want you to know that. Clap for that, you stupid bastards.” After the applause, Biden said to the audience, “Man, you are a dull bunch.  Must be slow here, man. I don’t know.”

Everything that’s old is new again for this administration, I suppose. To be fair, Biden probably doesn’t even remember that he had already made nearly the exact same comment half a decade earlier.

Even still, maybe Biden should take a breath and realize that military members do not exist to clap like seals for him every time he says something dumb.


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