HOT TAKES: Biden Caves to Russia, Gets Skewered by His Admin's Own Words and Ted Cruz

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As I reported earlier, Joe Biden just made a move that if President Donald Trump had done it, we’d probably hear Democrats screaming for impeachment.

But there’s no comment from Democrats about Biden just agreeing to the waiving of sanctions on the Russian-controlled Nord Stream 2 pipeline.


As I wrote earlier, we heard for four years from Biden and the Democrats how Trump was supposedly toadying under to Putin, despite the fact that there was never any policy evidence to suggest that, quite the contrary. Meanwhile, this move gives Vladimir Putin a huge lift in his country and it basically gives Putin a foothold of control over Western Europe that we fought for years to prevent. Biden just caved and gave it right over to them. You couldn’t ask for more from anyone if he were a Russian agent.

It’s hard to quantify how bad a move this is, helping Russia’s energy ambitions, having them to be able to hold oil control over the EU as well as hurting Ukraine and our own energy position in the process. This, right after the Colonial Pipeline was attacked by actors with potentially Russian ties and after Biden cut the Keystone XL Pipeline.

What happened to being tough on Russia? That appeared to go right out the window with Trump leaving office. Almost as if it were just a false position from which to attack him. Meanwhile, here was the real danger.

As I predicted earlier, people from both sides of the aisle are sounding off against this move.


Heck, let’s look at the Biden team’s own position in the past on the Nord Stream 2 Pipeline.

Here’s what White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said on February 16:

“Our position on Nord Stream 2 has been very clear, and it remains unchanged. President Biden has made clear that Nord Stream 2 is a bad deal. It’s a bad deal because it divides Europe, it exposes Ukraine and Central Europe to Russia — Russian manipulation, and because it goes against Europe’s own stated energy and security goals.”


So what exactly changed to suddenly made it suddenly a “good deal” when it was bad before? We’ve fought against every attempt for Russia to encroach on the EU in the past, indeed that’s why Trump worked so hard to strengthen NATO and got no credit for it except from the NATO head himself. So what changed? We need some answers here as to why this was done.

Can we now ask what kompromat does Russia have on Joe Biden?


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