(Updated) Israel Takes out Hamas Leaders, Air and Ground Troops Now Attacking Gaza

AP Photo/Hatem Moussa


The IDF has now clarified that they didn’t actually move ground troops into the Gaza Strip although they are attacking from a nearby location with ground troops.


Hamas has been attacking Israel over the past few days with a constant barrage of rockets, trying to hit as many civilian areas as they possibly can and kill as many Israelis as they can.

In response to the attacks, Israel has been pounding Hamas and have taken out a lot of their leadership in targeted strikes.

As the IDF explains, unlike them, Hamas rockets are not exactly as targeted and have frequently failed, resulting in them falling on their own side and killing civilians.


The IDF has not been shy about announcing who they have taken out, perhaps to serve as a message to other Hamas folks.

They’ve also taken out their support structure.

From VOA News:

Hamas said in a statement that the leader of its military operation in Gaza City, Bassem Issa, and other senior military officials were killed in the attacks.

The Israeli internal security agency said Wednesday that Issa and other top Hamas commanders, including the group’s engineering chief and the heads of cyber warfare and rocket development, were killed. In all, the Israeli government said it killed 16 members of the Hamas military arm in the attacks.

This video shows them taking out a building used by Hamas with precision, first one side, then the other, then the whole thing goes.


Another hit on another intelligence location:

There were reports of Israel massing at the border to Gaza, as we previously reported.

But now the IDF is reporting they are now attacking in the air and on the ground against Gaza.

It just got more serious and they are going to take Hamas out.



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