Horrible Jobs Report for Biden Administration — Their Response Makes It Even Worse

As my colleague Bonchie reported earlier today, the Biden regime just had a huge fail with the release of the new jobs report.

In fact, the difference between the actual numbers and what they were predicted to be was so great, Axios said it was the worst miss in history.


They predicted one million jobs but it turned out to be 266,000. Not only that, the unemployment rate went up to 6.1%. Plus, the previous month’s gains were revised down.

As Bonchie explained, this is at least in part due to their own actions, with extending unemployment benefits. If you can get the same amount from unemployment benefits from the government, why would you go to work? So, many are sitting home, waiting for the checks, even as the job openings are out there to be had.

But what is their response to this? Are they concerned that their actions are actually slowing down and harming the economy?

Not at all, it would appear.

Indeed, if you look at the actions of Joe Biden’s chief of staff, Ron Klain, not only wouldn’t that cause them to rethink what they’re doing, they’re going to use it as an excuse to double down, and push through even more spending and benefits.

Take a look at what Klain just retweeted.


Josh Marshall is basically saying that the prior bills weren’t enough spending and Klain is agreeing. So they want to make it even worse by doing even more of the same. Talk about a horrible approach. Can we say that this isn’t the sharpest team and the effort at spinning isn’t flying?

Glenn Greenwald noticed that Klain was retweeting similar media spin trying to cushion the blow of the bad report.

Bottom line? They either don’t understand what they are doing wrong or don’t care how much they harm the economy in the process. So prepare for even more spending bills as they move in a mad dash to tank the economy.


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