Biden Makes One Whopper of a Mistake Which Americans Would Absolutely Love to Be True

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Joe Biden and his wife visited Tidewater Community College in Virginia today to pitch his $1.8 trillion American Families Plan. That’s on top of his $2 trillion American Jobs plan which is supposed to be about infrastructure, but has a ton of other Democratic agenda items in it.


But Biden, who has absolutely no mental issues and is completely cognitively together, made one whopper of a mistake that virtually every American would have loved to be true. Biden didn’t even realize he did it.

“The reason I’m going to do this is because I keep hearing on the press, ‘Biden is going to raise your taxes,'” he said. “Anybody making less than $400,00 a year will not pay a single penny in taxes, and we will not increase the deficit either, unlike the last gigantic tax cut, which increased the deficit by $2 trillion.”

No more taxes? Sign me up for that! I’m there for that. Huzzah! We’re going to hold you to that. We were never supposed to have income taxes imposed anyway. I’m all on board with that idea. Wouldn’t that be amazing to actually be able to keep what you earn?

Unfortunately, “tax and spend” Biden didn’t really mean it. It’s another one of his gaffes the liberal media will skip right over, pretending it isn’t happening. Indeed, he’s going to try to increase taxes on the top individual rate. He didn’t really mean he wouldn’t increase the deficit either. He’s delusional and he’s a terrible liar. There’s no way he can spend like a drunken sailor and not increase the deficit.


Of course, they send him out there and hope he stays on script. But he has real trouble doing that.

The original $400,000 promise was a lie too. Remember how it was anyone making less than $400,000 wouldn’t see a penny in tax increases? Indeed, he’s still claiming that. But Jen Psaki had to explain that isn’t what he really meant, that he was talking about a “couple/family” not an individual. That’s a huge difference, which he had never said before. But hey, it’s cool they didn’t “clarify” that until after the election, right? So if you voted on that bait-and-switch, oh, well. Just like the promise of a $2000 check, that became a $1400 check, if anyone believed Joe Biden, he got hornswoggled.

According to the Washington Examiner, Biden thinks he’s going to pay for the spending with tax increases on businesses and on the “wealthy” (which keeps getting closer and closer to “all of us,” it seems). He would increase the corporate tax rate to 28% from 21% which is going to cause companies either to flee or have to cut jobs, which will hurt the economy. He also wants to raise the top individual tax rate from 37% to 39.6% and raise the capital gains tax for those making more than $1 million to 39.6% as well.


It’s going to tank the economy while he takes our money and tells us we should be happy about it.


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