Massive Lie: Jen Psaki 'Clarifies' Biden Campaign Promise That 'People Making Under $400K Won’t Pay a Penny More in Taxes’

Chalk up yet another lie and broken campaign promise from Joe Biden.

He’s got that “longest without a press conference” record, but he must also be working on the most broken promises in the shortest amount of time, too.


This promise would seem rather simple, one would think.

“Let me be very clear,” Biden tweeted. “If you make under $400,000 you won’t pay a penny more in taxes under my administration.” Every time they say, “Let me be clear,” watch out.

He also repeated the promise to ABC.

Biden even reiterated that promise during his pre-taped interview with George Stephanopoulos that aired on Wednesday. “Yes, anybody making more than $400,000 will see a small to a significant tax increase,” Biden told George Stephanopoulos. Biden also said, “If you make less than $400,000, you won’t see one single penny in additional federal tax.”

Except not so much, according to Jen Psaki, who “clarified” what Biden meant, and it’s a pretty huge honking clarification. (Read: straight-up lie.)


Oh, he really wasn’t talking about “individuals,” Psaki claimed, when he said all that, he was talking about the “families.” Wait, what? Yes, they’re actually trying to sell that now. That’s a huge difference and in the words of the New York Post “significantly drops the threshold” to whom the tax increase will apply. Which means that they just added millions more individuals they’re going to drop taxes on now who didn’t think it was going to apply to them.

Biden repeated this over and over again, even up to yesterday. Why does anyone believe these grifting Democrats? As we predicted there was no way that what he was saying was true, but once again he lied for votes. If you voted for him because you were reassured by what he said, you should have known better and we told you. Now he just might have the power to do it, too, with the Democrats controlling the House and the Senate. His tax increase would not just increase rates, it also raises other taxes as well. Not to mention the other things he’s already raised like gas prices with his horrible policies.

This on top of Biden’s lie about the $2000 checks which he and Democrats promised would come if you voted for him and then for the Democrats in Georgia. Then they pulled that back and said, “Oh sorry, we meant “combined” including the $600 passed under President Donald Trump.” But that lie definitely had a big impact in Georgia.


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