Watch: Locals in Brooklyn Center vs. Liberals in D.C. Talk About Rioting

AP Photo/Christian Monterrosa

Brooklyn Center probably is a city that’s not much different than many other cities.

People want to live their lives in peace and quiet. But they haven’t had too much of that lately, after the police shooting of Daunte Wright.


They’ve had all kinds of protesters flood into their town, even politicians like Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Ca) visiting and calling on people to be “more confrontational” and saying that protesters should show people they mean business if they didn’t get a guilty verdict in the trial of Derek Chauvin.

It stands to reason that many locals may not be happy with the rioters, the shooting, or the spotlight on their town that’s been drawing the negative folks.

The Daily Caller’s Lisa Bennatan did some “man on the street” interviews with some of the locals. She also did similar “man on the street” interviews with people in Washington, D.C. Now, you can try to guess which is which, but it really shouldn’t be all that hard.

The folks in Brooklyn Center really weren’t hot for having riots in their town, not surprisingly. In fact, they noted that many of the folks causing trouble were from out of town. One man who was a veteran termed the outsiders “opportunistic.” They said that locals wouldn’t be acting that way.

Meanwhile, the liberals in D.C. were all for rioting as a form of “protest,” arguing that it could be justified because people had no other way to express themselves because of all that oppression. “If rioting is what gets people’s attention, then I think that’s necessary,” one said. Most of the people seeming to defend rioting were white liberal women. You know the women answering that way are all cool with rioting, just as long as it’s not affecting their homes.


As Laura Ingraham observed in reporting on the man in the street interviews, the only people that make out from the violence are the agitators who want to foment constant division.


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