Kamala Goes on CNN to Defend Her Border Response, Burns Joe Biden in the Process

As we wrote earlier, Kamala Harris doesn’t seem to have done much to deal with the border crisis since she was given her commission about a month ago. The White House insisted afterward that she was just supposed to be dealing with the “root causes.”


But she hasn’t seemed to have done anything with regard to those either, and no one seems to be doing anything to address the present crisis. Harris does plan to talk to the Mexican president on May 7 about extending a program of planting trees to Central America. I’m sure that will stop the folks flooding across the border now.

Harris has been getting battered in conservative media for her failure to react, so she went on CNN to try to justify her response.

First, Harris took on the question of why she’s the one who’s the point person with foreign leaders, rather than old confused Joe Biden. Harris said that when Joe Biden was vice president under Barack Obama, he was asked to deal with the Northern Triangle (the Central American area from which many of the illegal aliens are coming) as she has been, so she’s just carrying on in that same fashion.

Does she really understand what she just admitted? Because it sure sounds to me like she just admitted that the massive illegal immigration fiasco that happened under Barack Obama — and that wasn’t put in check until President Donald Trump — was a failure of Joe Biden. So, you’re saying the guy who couldn’t figure it out then is the guy who’s in charge now? That’s reassuring. Not.


“We’re making progress,” she claims. “But it’s not going to evidence itself overnight.” Great. Then maybe you can tell us exactly what you are doing?Otherwise, it just sounds like more of the same empty platitudes that you’ve been spouting for months.

As we observed earlier, March had 172,000 apprehensions at the border. That’s a 71 percent increase from February. So, they’re getting worse, not getting better. That’s not even counting the April numbers which sound like they’re going to be worse. According to Fox, Harris claimed that they were working on a virtual trade mission to be convened by the Department of Commerce and the Department of Agriculture that would help Central American farmers affected by drought. She also claimed they were increasing USAID disaster response.

Can we also comment on why these two women are sitting what seems like a mile apart, when they are both probably vaccinated?

The RNC Research folks were not shy about pointing out her failings and how she seemed to think going to the border was just a big joke, responding with her trademark cackle.


Hey, but at least one unaccompanied minor was greeted with a copy of Kamala Harris’ book, right? I’m sure that little piece of indoctrination went over well, even when most of them probably can’t read English. The White House can’t seem to explain how that happened, or if taxpayers’ money went to Kamala Harris as a result.


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