Biden Gaffes It Up Again, and This Time, It's About a 'Saloon'

Joe Biden giving coronavirus status update. Credit: Screenshot

Is it a hair salon or a saloon?

Joe Biden wasn’t quite sure when he was giving a Wuhan coronavirus update and the status of the vaccination push.

Biden announced that 200 million shots had been given and that the American Rescue Plan was going to cover a paid leave tax credit to get the vaccine (Translation: our tax dollars are going to be paying out for all this for a long time).

Biden called upon employers to give people getting the vaccine any time they need off to get it, as well as time to recover if the employee has any reaction to it.

“No working American” should suffer because they did their “patriotic duty,” Biden said. The government, with our tax dollars, is subsidizing this.

Biden then spoke about a woman who owned a hair salon in Springfield, Ohio, who was pushing vaccination to her customers and employees. But he got into trouble since he’s unable to speak extemporaneously. He was reading off a teleprompter, as he often does, but was clearly having some trouble reading it or perhaps seeing it. He kept squinting and peering in closer, as you can see on the video.

Biden said the hair salon owner was “dedicated to getting her customers and employers vaccinated.” He then corrected that to “employees.” “So that when they leave the saloon, the receptionist…” he continued, then stopping realizing he made a mistake. He then tried to joke it off. “The saloon? The salon. They may be going to a saloon, I don’t know.”

Sounds like he just walked out of the salon, excuse me, saloon. Getting a shot in a saloon? Talk about a way that you could really sell the vaccinations. That just might do it.

Once again this shows how he can’t even speak without the teleprompter. He keeps tripping over himself when he tries to read it because he’s not able to do it without gaffes. I don’t know about you, but to me, he looks older and he’s squinting a lot more when he’s trying to read it. Then he’s just reading it without understanding what he’s reading. At least this time he caught it and tried to spin it; often he doesn’t.

Then there was this little moment, proving Joe has never shopped in a Kroger, or as he says a “Krugger” (It’s Kro-ger, Joe).

At least then, if you pass out when you got a ‘shot’ in a saloon, you’ll have had a little fun along the way.