19 Albuquerque Emergency Response Team Members Resign Over Protests and Being 'Managed by Politics'

Albuquerque Police Department Emergency Response Team members just said, “Take this job and shove it.”

Seventeen officers, one lieutenant, and two sergeants resigned from the team that is responsible for dealing with protests. They’re still keeping their jobs as police officers, just resigning from the assignment of being on the Response Team.


The president of the Police Officer Union appeared on “Fox and Friends” with Brian Kilmeade. He explained, “Morale is gone.”

Willoughby said the officers didn’t feel supported and “don’t trust their leaders.” He explained officers were “tired of being managed by politics.”

Some of the disturbance stemmed from a counter-protester who wasn’t doing anything wrong and who they didn’t pursue action against because he was “exercising his constitutional rights.” Willoughby said that a sergeant was “taken off his job and badge removed” because they didn’t pursue action against the counter-protester. “Who wants to live under that type of scrutiny?” Willoughby continued. “Everything in Albuquerque is about constitutional policing unless the constitutional policing doesn’t prescribe to the political ideology of whoever is in charge. That’s not how officers operate. We are not Rubik’s Cubes.”

The Albuquerque Police Department released a statement in response to the incident, saying the department’s chief “made it clear that we cannot have a breakdown in communication during critical incidents. We have worked hard to earn back the public’s trust,” the statement reportedly said. “We will lose that trust if we resist accountability and culture change.”


Willoughby said he thought it was unlikely they’d get anyone to fill the job in the future, that regular cops would likely have to deal with the situations from now on, “Who wants to take on that professional liability…[of] being involved in these protests that just are never-ending?”

Who does this hurt? Yes, it might hurt the officers. But ultimately, it hurts the public who now no longer has the benefit of these guys to respond to emergencies. So great job, BLM and supporters within the police and the government. Those police leaders are so anxious to support a group that wants to do away with police to be politically correct, but it sounds like they don’t give a darn either about the Constitution or supporting their own officers; not to mention the rights of the folks to counter-protest. Chalk up another one for harm from the BLM movement.


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