Maxine Waters Goes All in With Rashida Tlaib on the Anti-Police Rhetoric

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As we reported earlier, Rep. Maxine Waters (Delusional-CA) joined a protest action in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota, last night and made inflammatory comments, saying that people needed to “stay in the streets” and be “confrontational” if Derek Chauvin, the police officer on trial for George Floyd’s death, is not convicted of first degree murder.


Now, of course, this is completely irresponsible for a sitting member of the House to be encouraging “confrontation,” especially when things are already at a fever pitch. If she had been a Republican and said this, she’d probably already be accused of “insurrection.” If she had been President Donald Trump, she’d already be impeached.

A member of Congress is supposed to be encouraging people to act in accordance with the law — to act peacefully, whatever the facts.

Furthermore, she says, “We’re looking for a guilty verdict” and “Guilty, guilty, guilty.” Wait, what, is she trying to influence the verdict? How improper is this?

Again, politicians used to understand that they should not be commenting on cases and trying to sway juries.

“If nothing gets done,” she said, meaning in the George Floyd case, “We have to fight for justice.” “We’ve got to get more confrontational,” she said. “We’ve got to make sure they know that we mean business.”

Could there be any clearer incitement? What’s more confrontational than burning down parts of cities and killing some people, which is what happened in the riots over this past year?

Of course, Waters has a prior history of inflammatory comments, including infamously encouraging people to “confront” Trump officials if people saw them in the street and “push back” against them.


But Waters had more to say. She also appeared on CNN with Jim Acosta to discuss the comments Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) made about doing away with police and incarceration.

Tlaib claimed the shooting of Daunte Wright in Brooklyn Center “wasn’t an accident.” Then she said we needed to get rid of “policing, incarceration and militarization.”

So, Acosta asked Waters about that tweet.

“I know that my colleague speaks her mind,” Waters said. “She said what was in her heart and I understand that very well. I’m here today because I want to show, number one, there are members of Congress who really care about what is happening with these cases and whether or not we’re gonna get justice, or whether or not the police unions and the lies that they tell are going to win.”

“She spoke her mind,” Waters exclaimed, referring to Tlaib. “And I love her for it.”

Again, completely improper for a member of Congress trying to inflame political tensions and demand what verdict jurors will render.

So, I have a comment for these radical members of Congress about getting rid of police. You first. You get rid of the Capitol Police that protect you. You get rid of that fencing surrounding the Capitol and don’t put up any more.


Because, according to Democrats, walls are bad, pointless and racist. If you really believe that policing is pointless, give up your protection.

But, I know that you wouldn’t, because you know your arguments are false. Democrats not only aren’t getting rid of their Capitol Police, they’re asking for money for even more of them.

Let’s also talk about what the results of this whole radical “get rid of the police” movement (because that’s really what it has been), where cities which have “defunded” or cut back policing such as Minneapolis and New York have seen soaring gun crime and murder numbers. Not to mention the people dead and the businesses destroyed because of the riots. Who does such a movement impact adversely? Among others, it hurts a whole lot of black people.



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