Here's the Latest on What Dems Have Planned for the Capitol, It's a Ton More Security

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It’s a strange thing, isn’t it, that Democrats are so against walls on the border for demonstrable and continuing problems, to protect the American people?


But one three hour riot that’s near them and they now want two billion in permanent fencing and military police surrounding them in the Capitol.

As we predicted, they don’t want the fencing to ever go away and they want a much bigger and permanent military police/National Guard complement. So what is it that they are anticipating or intending to do?

According to Bloomberg, Congressional leaders are now putting together a $2 billion dollar funding bill for that permanent retractable fencing around the Capitol, more officers for the Capitol Police, improved weaponry and emergency communications, as well as other “enhance[d] protections for lawmakers.”

CNN is reporting it as:

A permanent fence around the Capitol, hundreds of new security personnel — either the National Guard or a military police presence — and new authorities for the District of Columbia’s National Guard to be dispatched in emergency situations, one of the sources said. The plan under consideration also would expand the US Capitol Police force, potentially by hiring hundreds more officers, and make changes to the USCP’s board.

All of this subject to change as it’s still in discussion and according to Bloomberg might even involve more money.

Some of the recommendations are coming from the review by retired general Russel Honore who was hired without consultation with the Republicans by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) to look into what happened on Jan. 6.

Lawmakers in both parties have raised objections this month to an extended deployment of National Guard troops at the Capitol and the prospect of the razor-wire fencing surrounding the complex remaining up indefinitely. The acting House sergeant at arms said this week that a reduction of Guard troops would begin and some of the fencing would come down.


There isn’t anticipated to be a decision on any of this until at least next month, according to the report.

Republicans aren’t necessarily on board with all this and have been agitating for the Democrats behind this to justify why the fencing and the National Guard have been there all this time without any real threat, costing millions of dollars. There was none of this response from the Democrats for the hundreds of continuing leftist riots that placed many in danger, cost millions if not billions in damage, with many dead and hundreds injured.

As Rep. Byron Donalds (R-FL) said it’s also sending the wrong message and keeping us away from our own seat of government.


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