Psaki Claims Border Not a 'Crisis,' What She Just Said They're Doing to Stop It May Be the Dumbest Thing Ever

Psaki Claims Border Not a 'Crisis,' What She Just Said They're Doing to Stop It May Be the Dumbest Thing Ever
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You knew it was coming after the border pictures came out this morning and showed what bad conditions the unaccompanied minors are being held in at the CBP facilities at the border, and that yes, contrary to the Biden team’s lies, they are still being held in ‘cages.’

My colleague Sister Toldjah reported on Peter Doocy’s questioning of Jen Psaki over the wisdom of keeping the kids all packed together in overcrowded areas or “pods” in the midst of a pandemic. Psaki’s answers were severely lacking.

But that was just one of several issues in the press briefing. Psaki was asked if all this was a crisis. Her answer was pathetic and evasive, she said no, it was a “circumstance.”

From Fox News:

“Children presenting at our border who are fleeing violence, who are fleeing prosecution, who are fleeing terrible situations is not a crisis,” Psaki said. “We feel it is our responsibility to humanely approach this circumstance and make sure they are treated, and put into conditions that are safe.”

Psaki said White House officials, in reviewing photos of inside the Border Patrol facilities, said they are “not places made for children,” and not places the administration wants children to be staying for extended periods of time.

“The alternative is to send children back on this treacherous journey,” Psaki said. “That is not, in our view, the right choice to make.”

No, the alternative was not to have encouraged the situation to begin with, as the Biden team did and yes, it is a “crisis.” By the way, if they were actually “fleeing prosecution” that should concern us as well. She likely means “persecution” but doesn’t appear to understand the difference. But most are not fleeing either, they’re economic migrants. But once again, with this answer, Psaki is encouraging more kids to come, because they know they will be allowed in. But she reiterated as Mayorkas did over the weekend that they were operating according to “plan.”

Psaki claimed the kids were being tested. But Mayorkas has already admitted over the weekend that the CBP was engaging contractor to give them the facility to test (which indicates they didn’t have the capacity to do it before on a general basis). What Psaki may mean is once the kids get to the HHS facilities. But by then, they’ve already been several days in the system, crammed together with hundreds of other kids in the CBP facilities. And whether she “wants” them to be staying there or not, they are staying there, longer than the law allows and the Biden team is not allowing the media in to see the facilities and is more generally restricting the ability of the CBP to talk about the crisis.

One of the dumbest things she tried to argue, after basically saying they were not turning kids away, was that they were ‘advertising’ to tell the people not to come on Facebook and Instagram, that they even had invested in time in a “comic book and an animated show” telling people not to come.

Um, you’re telling them, right now in this interview, that kids will be allowed in, that you’re not turning them away. So why would they listen to any of the rest of that stuff in which you’ve invested our time and money? And why are you investing our time and money while giving out the ultimate message that they will be allowed in?

Also as one person who is from Guatemala pointed out, there’s a small problem with this effort.

As we previously reported in the interviews done by ABC’s Martha Raddatz, the message the illegal aliens are getting is: With Biden, they have a chance of getting in, so they’re coming.

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