Teachers Union President Busted Flying to in-Person Meetings, Meeting With Folks Without Masks

Teachers Union President Busted Flying to in-Person Meetings, Meeting With Folks Without Masks
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American Federation of Teacher’s President Randi Weingarten seems to have been at the forefront of throwing roadblocks in the way of more teachers going back to schools and having more schools opened, claiming that she wants more protections/guarantees for the teachers if they do go back.

A couple of weeks ago, we reported how she was questioning the CDC guidance that 3 feet of social distance spacing was sufficient for kids in schools. “We are not convinced,” Weingarten said. So follow the science, right? Sure sounds like a convenient denial.

But some noticed further hypocrisy when Weingarten posted about a trip that she’d taken on social media with “Boutique Airlines.”

So she’s one of those liberals that makes noises about climate change then goes and takes a plane instead of a three-hour drive because it’s convenient to her for her meetings which she has to do in person, unlike those school kids who can just have their education relegated to Zoom.

Do your homework, she tells Andrew Wagner, who is the Director for Public Affairs for the Minnesota House GOP.

They claim they’re ‘private,’ although they do commuter service.

So why can’t she conduct her meetings on Zoom? And why is she willing to meet in person with people but not have schools open?

Seriously, you can’t say thank you over the phone or in a Zoom meeting? How is this not non-essential travel? So this is important to be in person, but not so much kids’ education. And we wonder why people have issues with unions like this.

And this sure looks like she’s meeting or coming in contact with a bunch of people who weren’t wearing any masks.

So how is this acceptable but reopening school isn’t?

That last point is a great one. After all this, many people are wondering just exactly what is public school providing their kids when they don’t seem to truly care about their education and they’re more concerned with their own political agendas? This has no doubt sparked a huge move to homeschooling and private schools. It’s more than deserved and perhaps long since due, to actually have greater control over what teachers are in fact teaching your kids.

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